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Utilisez ce tutoriel pour remplacer la batterie de votre Nexus 5.

    • Utilisez un outil d'ouverture en plastique pour ouvrir les clips sur le dessus et sur chaque côté de la coque arrière.

    • Le bas est fixé avec un peu d'adhésif. Vous devriez finalement pouvoir retirer la coque arrière en utilisant un médiator.

    • Il vaut mieux éviter de faire levier autour de la fente de la carte SIM. En effet, le plastique est très fin et risque de se casser si vous prenez appui dessus.

    Wireless QI and NFC.

    Once I have put everything together with the new battery in place, I have as last replaced the plastic back cover, snapping all the clips back around the edges of the phone. Alas, I was quick to realise the QI Wireless charging has ceased to work.

    I almost blamed the battery, or worse, me.

    QUICK TIP: there is actually another clip in the middle of the plastic back cover - just press with your thumb just above the 'S' in NEXUS emblem and, voila! Snaps back in.

    Wireless charge and NFC - works, once again.

    cwioro - Réponse

    you just saved me like 30 bucks. thank you so much.

    Robert Nolan -

    + 1, had the same issue and pressing just near the S fixed it! Thanks a lot!

    nicco82 -

    Just a me too, I had to press above the S and it was quite a snap

    Erik Karlin -

    There seems to be two contacts that snap into place. One is in line with the led pretty much in the middle of the phone and the second one in line with the camera lens on the opposite side to the lens. The middle one for me snapped pretty lightly, but the side one required a bit more pressure. After that the nfc started working again. Thanks for posting this!

    Dennis Millner -

    Is it hard to remove the battery door? Worried I might damage it.

    Ash - Réponse

    When I openend the back cover I damaged two clips. One about 2.5cm (1 inch) below the volume controls and one on the other side about same height. The cover fits good without those two but on one side there is a small gap where the clip broke. But I have a hard cover protector on my phone so it's not that bad.

    simonlwheeler - Réponse

    The case around the sim slot is pretty thin and easy to break, best to avoid using the pry tool at this point.

    Aled Morris - Réponse

    Excellent tip, should be included in the main guide.

    fprades - Réponse

    Hey Author, i need to ur expert advice...i replaced my nexus 5's back cover. since the new one did not have the vibrators battery i had to take it from the old one and connect it to the new one...on removing i noticed that it was stuck to the cover by a glue

    Question: what glue to use to hold the battery to the cover?

    suwaid akbar - Réponse

    Any adhesive will do. I used a hot glue gun. You shouldn't need expert advice to figure that out. Use your head.

    tjt263 -

    The case around the volume control is also pretty thin.... I broke mine prying so avoid the pry there too.

    Also my back had glue at the bottom and I haven't seen mentioned

    kornerson - Réponse

  1. Retirez les six vis cruciformes #00 de 4 mm qui fixent le châssis au téléphone.
    • Retirez les six vis cruciformes #00 de 4 mm qui fixent le châssis au téléphone.

    • Si vous souhaitez remplacer l'écran LCD et la vitre tactile, retirez également les quatre vis de 4 mm du cache de la carte fille, avec le même tournevis.

    I had a bit more success with the Phillips #000.

    Ross Light - Réponse

    Step 4 (removing the screws in the protecting plate) needs to happen before Step 2 ( removing the connectors)

    Esteban Valles - Réponse

    These were Y0 screws for me.

    Benjamin Hollway - Réponse

    Same here, Benjamin

    Ítalo Masserano -

    Me three on the Y-type screw heads.

    Jamoross -

    Same for me. I had more luck with the two screws in the middle with #000.

    Rewarp - Réponse

  2. Retirez le châssis du téléphone. Retirez le châssis du téléphone.
    • Retirez le châssis du téléphone.

    There's also some adhesive holding the motherboard cover plate in place, below the camera. Has to be pulled a little stronger than expected.

    tkatona - Réponse

    • Utilisez le côté plat d'une spatule pour déconnecter la nappe de la carte fille et l'éloigner de la batterie.

  3. Enlevez la batterie de son compartiment en faisant levier avec un outil d'ouverture en plastique. Vous pourrez avoir besoin d'un pistolet à air chaud pour faire légèrement chauffer l'adhésif sous la batterie. Veillez à ne perforer ni plier la batterie.
    • Enlevez la batterie de son compartiment en faisant levier avec un outil d'ouverture en plastique.

    • Vous pourrez avoir besoin d'un pistolet à air chaud pour faire légèrement chauffer l'adhésif sous la batterie.

    • Veillez à ne perforer ni plier la batterie.

    This part is very delicate. The adhesive is pretty solid and I did puncture the battery. It is dangerous and the battery should be replaced with a new one.

    Christophe De Wolf - Réponse

    Thanks Chris for the notice. I have added a warning on your advise. Do you think about any better way to unglue the battery?

    Gaetan -

    Like another user, I had already taken my cover off plenty of times prior to. The issue of course was removing the battery. I purchased the opening tools and spudger and used them but to no avail. I ended up using a flat tip screwdriver and got the battery out within seconds with no puncturing.

    gnewton16 - Réponse

    I'll second the flathead screwdriver. Tried different plastic tools only to damage both the battery and a spring connector on the phone. With the flathead screwdriver battery came out quite easily lifting from the bottom end. There is an adhesive tape holding the battery firmly in place that retains the adhesive surface after removing the battery, so the new battery should attach properly.

    Dennis Millner -

    Why do you need to remove the battery at all? Just replaced my rear camera without removing it. I mean, I realise that removing the power source would have been safer, but would it be enough just to detach the motherboard connector?

    eyusupov - Réponse

    This guide is about the REPLACEMENT of the battery, and for that it seems necessary to remove it first. ;-)

    biharikristof -

    Do you need to apply adhesive to the new battery to keep it in place?

    Ross Light - Réponse

    no there is generally glue remaining and it stays in place pretty good

    mmoodley10 -

    This was fantastic, thank you! I had never done anything like this before! You just saved me some money and also taught me something :D

    anagarciasebastia - Réponse

    to make Qi work, you have to press the cover really everywhere afterwards. The contacts for Qi are between th Nexus "S" and the camera. Sometimes the Qi loading needs some time to work - I assume the battery needs to expand after a few loading cycles...

    Apeiron - Réponse

    The first time I tried to replace the battery I ended up breaking off the tab on the new battery. It needs to be bent properly to fit into the socket on the phone. The second time, I connected the tab t the socket BEFORE placing the new battery into the area of the phone where it sits. Then I was able to use the plastic tool to correctly bend the connector.

    John Goldin - Réponse

    I have replaced the battery and after doing this there is a flashing red light. does this mean its just charging from empty or have I done something wrong? Do i need to press any buttons to make sure its charging properly? do i need to re open it up to check connections? what do i do? there is no mention of whether it should turn back on or what it should do/how long it will take to be up and running again.

    Bambipeach - Réponse

    I had the same "problem", though I had misplugged the battery. Just wait for a couple of minutes and your phone should start to charge. Also, I've been told to fully charge and discharge the battery 2-3 times before using it.

    Steve Simard -

    Be extremely careful while prying out the battery. I had damaged a Nexus 4 battery while trying to do this, and smoke started coming out. If you search youtube you can see how a punctured Li-ion battery can explode in seconds.

    Abhi B - Réponse

    Why not remove the battery by pulling on the small ribbon cable at the top?

    Matt Szczublewski - Réponse

    When you take out the battery, there are some sort of black tape (adhesive) around the inner circle of the empty battery chassis. I might have been too rough and taken the black tape out completely. Now with the newly replaced battery, Nexus 5 won't charge or power on. Does anyone know what the black tape is for? is it the reason or something else?

    Gracie - Réponse

    I found out that the heavy duty suction cup I bought to replace phone screens works quite effectively at removing the battery without bending or damaging it. Of course, this was being used on a battery that was itself a replacement of the original, so the adhesive may have weakened significantly.

    Rewarp - Réponse


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I have made this guide based on good quality teardown pictures. I run out of detail pictures for step 3 & 4. Feel free to upgrade the guide if you have a Nexus 5 open and a camera on your hands.

Gaetan - Réponse

Did it in less than 10 mins..

Already had experience with taking the backcover off...

Davor Bertovic - Réponse

In the start of the guide it says "Replace the battery in your iPhone 5s"

Thomas Novin - Réponse

After battery replacement my wireless charging was not working. Pay attention to settle holding clip in the middle of phone - just firmly press around the "S" from the back of phone until you hear it clicks in.

nextsux - Réponse

Thank you so much for this tip! I did it and it worked. Now Wireless charging is working again.


same here. I also applied pressure on the area of the motherboard securing plate and it clicked a few times and now everything is working properly again

simonlwheeler -

Best tip, thank you man

Benjamin M -

Thank you!! I had to put firm pressure above the S, sort of where the motherboard cover starts, and CLICK now wireless charging works

Justin Acklin -

There seems to be two contacts that snap into place. One is in line with the led pretty much in the middle of the phone and the second one in line with the camera lens on the opposite side to the lens. The middle one for me snapped pretty lightly, but the side one required a bit more pressure. After that the nfc started working again. Thanks for posting this!

Dennis Millner -

I had a tough time getting the back cover off. I pulled the cover with too much strength and left a piece remaining. The old battery was glued in but that didn't bother me and was able to get it out with the spudger tool.

I'm very happy with the new battery and have ordered a new cooler looking back cover.

Thanks ifixit.

tabletsbeastmode - Réponse

Is there a reliable place to get Nexus 5 batteries? I ordered one off of eBay and it seems to be counterfeit. Phone shuts down randomly and won't start up until connected to charger. I reinstalled original battery works with terrible battery life.

johndbattles - Réponse

Replacement battery straight from LG. Expensive but getting the real thing.

Jason Robicheau -

What have I done ? I replaced the battery, and all looked good. But when I connect to charge... I get an endless loop between the Charge logo and the charging logo à 0%... After 2 hours, I decided to move back to my old battery... And I have exactly the same pattern... What have I done wrong ? My phone went from hard to use to unusable in 5 minutes...

Christian Boulet - Réponse

I had the same problem. It was the cable that wasn't properly connected. It is a little big and needs to curve, I had the curve upwards. When I change to the opposite (curve to the screen) it start charging.

Diogo Luis -

I damaged the cable while installing battery and got the same loop. So be careful while folding the cable to fit inside the case.

nene9572 -

My Nexus 5 has tri-wing screws securing the motherboard mounting plate rather than Phillips, complicating the process a bit.

Slow data - Réponse


If you're having trouble removing the battery (or feel like you're so close to puncturing it, like I was), then stop attempting to pry it up from the bottom area. Instead, try the sides or the top portion of the battery.

The sides work best: get a plastic opening tool or a spudger and just pull it up from the sides. After about 10 straight minutes of carefully struggling with the battery from the bottom, I removed it from the side within 5 seconds.

Christophosphorus - Réponse

My phone battery life is even worst now, solutions?

Matthew Moodley - Réponse

Great guide. I think the best part was finding out that back was not welded on. It was quick and easy, new battery is charging now.

Thor Larsen - Réponse

Ok, this may not be quite as easy as it looks. On my phone it was *well* glued on the bottom two corners, enough to defeat a plastic spudger, so start on the long edges towards the top.

Next, the battery connector will likely be straight on the new battery, so bend it into the approximately right position before you insert the battery.

Apart from that, all comments above worth reading. My wireless charging wasn't working, but I gave it the magic massage around the 'S' and it's fine now.

Total time ~15 minutes, most of which getting it open.

Tosspot - Réponse

I found it easier to plug the battery connector first before pushing the battery in to it's recess - that way you don't have to fiddle with shaping the battery ribbon cable too much

Roger Gann - Réponse

That was a great tip

Erik Karlin -

Confirming that attaching battery terminal THEN installing battery helps to put the correct crimp/bend in ribbon cable.

Justin Acklin -

I discovered that my Nexus 5 had tri-wing instead of Philips screws. Just something to consider if you are planning on doing this.

Erik N - Réponse

The whole process was incredibly easy (took less than 10 minutes) EXCEPT that battery adhesive gave me pure !&&*. A spark shot out of the battery in my "gentle" attempt to spudger it to death. Thanks, this whole site is a lifesaver!

ljcasinellijr - Réponse

You may find that your microphone and/or your vibrator motor don't work any longer after putting the phone back together.

To fix the vibrator motor, remove the back again and pull gently on the spring contacts on the motor (which is attached to the back) to lengthen them a bit. When you put the phone back together, they should hopefully now make contact again.

Fixing the microphone isn't as easy. The approach that worked for me is documented in this YouTube video: Instead of the thick tape, I used some fairly thin rubber material that I happened to have around -- it actually was excess from a card of stick-on rubber feet that I'd saved from some forgotten piece of equipment.

tim - Réponse

Good guide. Only a small correction though : the screwdriver bits should actually be Philips #000, it's better against those small screws.

Fullerene - Réponse

I tried and it seems my phone is dead now. nothing is working. When I plugin to charge i see charging sign. But when I try to start only google sign appears and then back to blank screen.

Please help.

shailesh pathak - Réponse

Hey guys i need your help!! I did rplaced the battery of my N5 with a genuine LG battery. After closing the case I restart the phone but now seems that the signal of 3G it is almost disappeared and the H signal is not good too. I think I jaguardise the some element of the antenna. Could you please help me resolve this issue???!!

sergiocass - Réponse

Everything worked perfectly. The hardest part was to take the back cover off, because the middle clip on the side with the volume keys refused to open... Now it's broken, but everything seems to work fine... The motherboard plate is clipped at some places as well, but easily removable. The battery was slighly glued (mostly at its sides). Thanks a lot!

Alexander S - Réponse

Great guide. A little patience was all that was required to remove the battery with some gentle pressure on bottom side of the battery, as pictured.

Jeff Dammeyer - Réponse

Ok but any comments on how long the battery lasts now after the change, ? plus how can we know if it need changing in the first place 12 hours of usage should indicate that correct?

Ath Geo - Réponse

I have replaced the battery - a bit fiddly but i had the tool kit- but now having put it on charge it is flashing red - what does this mean and have i broken the phone? It looks like a genuine LG battery and i tried to order a genuine battery. Have i just not connected the ribbons properly?

Bambipeach - Réponse

Good tutorial. Few additional notes.

I hope this is not considered as advertising. First I searched Amazon and Ebay for new battery, but reading comments, every item on sale, had at least one comment that it's a fake. Local LG service didn't want to hear anything about selling me only the battery (which is understandable). I purchased mine from

When removing back cover, don't use opening tool near the SIM card tray. Side frame is very thin between SIM card tray and back cover and may break. This happened to me. Small side frame piece broke loose from there, where it has different structure. If that happens to you, use tweezers to put that small piece back in place and toothpick to apply very small droplet of super glue to into the cracks. Don't apply glue straight from nozzle or you overflow you phone with glue! Then push out SIM card tray to be sure that you didn't glue it together with that small plastic frame piece (or remove it before gluing) .

Have patience while working on your phone.

Gustav Kaskema - Réponse

How did you go ordering from ? Were they prompt and efficient? What was their delivery time? Did it attract extra import duties in Australia? Was the battery genuine and did it work OK? Thanks.

Stewart James -

The battery replacement is easy but I had a unexpected problem. After the replacement the phone is turning off by itself and the battery goes from 4% to 20% of charge in seconds, even when not connected to the recharger. Have anyone had this kind of problem?

Pedro Menezes - Réponse

Great guide. Completed it within 10 minutes with no experience. The extra force required to get the battery out was spot on!

Richard Fitzjohn - Réponse

Thanks guys!

I replaced my old battery couples days ago, using that guide, here is my experience)

FelixRedkov - Réponse

Good guide. I would say that you DEFINITELY need a #000 screwdriver (not #00, it doesn't really fit the screws at all). There are a number of small contacts around the edges of the motherboard cover that I'm assuming are case grounds; If you're having electrical problems after reassembly, that's definitely what I'd check first. Thank you also to the commenter(s) who pointed out the wireless charging fix by pressing just above the "S" on the back of the phone; I had that exact issue after reassembly, and it fixed it perfectly.

Matt Eric - Réponse

I stopped running the NFC when I changed the battery. any solution?

Gork ki - Réponse

When u attach back cover, firstly snap upper middle clip (above nexus letter "S"). Just press it first, when it will be fine!)

FelixRedkov -

Good guide!

Unfortunately, the damned phone has changed slightly from the one illustrated, now having 10 screws which have to be removed. Changing the battery is a true pain in parts unmentionable. Why does the battery have to be glued in place? This whole construction seems designed to make something break while disassembling. I think LG would prefer you break the phone and then be compelled to buy a new one. Bastards!

Richard Gugelmann

Richard Gugelmann - Réponse


Reassembly was much easier than disassembly, but the whole process took about 2 hours. Nothing broke in spite of applying some force that seemed excessive because the battery was glued in place. (I count myself lucky.) – Before installing the new battery, I removed all the double sided sticky tape which "glued" the original one in place; anticipating a future battery replacement. I hope the 10 screws which hold it in place suffice!

Good luck to anyone who ventures into this project; and may the part you're sitting on not pain you too much when you've finished!


Richard Gugelmann - Réponse

Danke! Funktioniert!

detlefkobold - Réponse

Excellent guide, easy to follow. My 5 used double sided tape to hold the battery in, around the entire perimeter. I had to pry up all 4 sides to get it out. GRG

gantgrg - Réponse

Thanks for the very good guide. It worked perfectly for me without any troubles whatsoever.

Benjamin K - Réponse

Does anyone know how long it takes to ship to Canada.

Also are there any good cheap spudgers on Amazon.

A. Kelman - Réponse

Great guide, thanks. The only thing I would add is that the subframe also has clips that need to be reseated correctly or it will be bowed up even if the screws are tightened. The 00 Screwdriver works fine, didn't need 000.

Jan Gazda - Réponse

I did it!

It is really easy. Just be very gentle.

Tobias - Réponse

@Gaetan Thanks for the guide.

I installed new battery that I bought from iFixit. But it is not charging. When connected to the charger it shows symbol of charging but it is not charging. Even after 7 hrs it says 13%.

Please suggest.

Saideep Gajula - Réponse

Worked like a charm, 20 minutes start to finish. Pure luck, none of the glue put up much of a fight. One suggestion: when removing the bottom of the case, the clips are very delicate. They may fold in but not break. When you replace the back cover, those folded tabs will wedge between and keep the cover from going all the way back on. I cleaned them all the way off and everything fit flush again. Also, when fitting the new battery the daughterboard cable gets in the way of pre-plugging the battery connector. Tuck the battery under the daughterboard, then plug in the battery cable before pressing the battery into its spot. All the cables will behave then.

Rich Stillman - Réponse

If you don’t mind, where did you get your replacement battery?

I know that Li-ion batteries have a limited shelf life. So, I’m trying to find one that keeps charging well after the initial 1 to 2 months that many people are finding is the limit when they start getting battery problems on LG-original Nexus 5 batteries. Thanks!

neuromod -

great instructions. changed my battery to a polarcell in about 10 minutes.


Sebastien Tremblay - Réponse

Boom, did it. Thanks to the author and the many commenters who helped point out the pitfalls!

philstphns - Réponse

Did it, worked like a charm, none of the tape was too sticky to get things out. My old battery was “pregnant” swelling the case. Fortunately I got it out without any leaking of whatever nasty stuff is under the film the battery is wrapped in. Top priority now is to get it to the recycling center before it does anything like burst into flame :-).

Thomas Horsley - Réponse

start off with “What tools will you need? Since you never heard of them, here’s where you can get them, or what to use instead if anything.”

Use a few thin arrows to show just what part and location you mean. Don’t assume I know such.

Idiot-proof this thing. A heat gun? Really? Like of course I have one of those. C’mon.

Who is thias guide for? A repair shop or person.

Nick Zirpolo - Réponse

instead of removing the battery from the lower side with the Plastic Opening Tool it worked for me from the right side with the metal opening tool very easily. Thanks for the guide

Christian Rudolph - Réponse

Hi, Gaetan, I did-it in 35 minutes. The biggest problem was remouving the battery. I need to use a heat-gun. Otherwise everything was wel explaned. Have a good day. Alain.

Raymonde Fleury-Gareau - Réponse

The screws are definitely #000 but not quite sure if they are Phillips or JIS.

After installing the new battery turn the phone on and let it discharge to below 10% charge and then turn it off.

Plug in the charger and then charge it to 100%. If when you initially plug in the charger it indicates more than 10% charge unplug the charger and turn on and make sure it discharges below 10%. Then plug in the charger.


Inserts seem very similar to Siswoo R8 Monster, thanks for the manual!

What do I have to keep in mind changing battery after your last step?! I mean, how is the battery connected?

Greetings grom germany!

Torsten - Réponse

Good afternoon, Gaetan.

I have a Nexus 5 d821.

I had a problem with the battery (does not hold a charge).

Read your replacement battery guide. It seems everything is clearly painted, but I feel that I myself can not handle the replacement of the battery.

Is there an opportunity to ask you to change the battery on my device?

Иван Пупкин - Réponse

The entire process took less than ten minutes from start to finish, and breathed new life into my Nexus 5. Thanks so much!

emxa - Réponse

Like some others, my phone has TP (Y-type) screws securing the midframe instead of #00 Phillips.

Jamoross - Réponse

Great job! Excellent instructions - I had no problems getting through the battery change following them. Thanks for the Guide!


Scott Hewitt - Réponse

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