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Afin de remplacer la carte sans fil dans votre Acer Chromebook R11, procédez comme suit. Vous devez porter un bracelet antistatique pour éviter d’endommager votre appareil.

  1. Remplacement de la carte sans fil du Acer Chromebook R11, Carte sans fil: étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • Retirez onze vis Phillips n ° 1 de 7,23 mm du panneau arrière.

    • À l’aide d’un spudger, séparez soigneusement le panneau arrière du corps principal.

    • Le panneau arrière est toujours attaché au corps principal par un câble ruban. Veillez à ne pas endommager le câble.

  2. Remplacement de la carte sans fil du Acer Chromebook R11: étape 2, image 1 de 1
    • Débranchez les deux câbles d'antenne (un noir et un blanc) connectés à la carte sans fil.

    • Notez la position des câbles d’antenne noir et blanc sur la carte.

  3. Remplacement de la carte sans fil du Acer Chromebook R11: étape 3, image 1 de 1
    • Retirez la seule vis Phillips n ° 1 de 2,85 mm qui fixe la carte sans fil.

  4. Remplacement de la carte sans fil du Acer Chromebook R11: étape 4, image 1 de 1
    • Faites glisser délicatement la carte sans fil hors de son support sur la carte mère.


Pour remonter votre appareil, suivez ces instructions dans l’ordre inverse.

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I think you are confusing a WiFi module and a CPU...

Miles Raymond - Réponse

Sorry, incorrect. The cpu is on the mother board, not connected by slots. You may also notice the small brass connecteros on the left side of the wireless card. Those are u.fl connectors used for the wifi antennas. CPUs never ever have these

T R -

I need some help. My chromebook has a 2.4ghz processor but I want to upgrade it to a 5ghz. Is this what I should follow to do that? does it take an AC processor or only N? Will it be compatible if my processor is a broadcom and I want to upgrade to intel? Please let me know as soon as possible because my chroembook is really slow even though it comes with 32gb instead of 2gb.

John Jacobs - Réponse

Hi, also have the R11 bluetooth glitch. I’d like to try and preserve warranty as in the CI so can’t easily send it back for repair.

Is this likely to work with any microPCIe card or does it have to be the exact unit specified, believe there are 5 GHz variants now which weren’t available when originally launched.

Andre De Guerin - Réponse

Hey there! I could use some help. The WiFi won’t turn on. This happened on my C720 as well. Does that mean the wireless card is damaged or is it a loose connection? I’m not to savy at these things. Both Chromebooks worked until I started having the wifi issues. I tried to reset the C720, reload the OS, neither didn’t work and it’s been sitting on the shelf the past couple of years. although I just turned it on today, same issue with the OS.

I bought the R11 as a replacement and it worked fine up until last week. It doesn’t recognize wi-fi and it the wi-fi tab keeps defaulting back to the off position. Any ideas about how to approach this?

Shirley Vretson - Réponse

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