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Utilisez ce tutoriel pour remplacer la pile de la clé de la Honda Civic 2012-2016.

  1. Posez la clé sur une surface, de telle sorte que le symbole Honda soit vers le haut. Utilisez un tournevis cruciforme #0 pour dévisser l'unique vis.
    • Posez la clé sur une surface, de telle sorte que le symbole Honda soit vers le haut.

    • Utilisez un tournevis cruciforme #0 pour dévisser l'unique vis.

  2. Insérez l'extrémité plate de votre spatule (spudger) dans l'orifice situé sur le côté de la clé/télécommande. Faites levier afin de séparer les deux moitiés de la clé.
    • Insérez l'extrémité plate de votre spatule (spudger) dans l'orifice situé sur le côté de la clé/télécommande.

    • Faites levier afin de séparer les deux moitiés de la clé.

  3. Retirez la pile usagée.
    • Retirez la pile usagée.

    • Insérez à la place une nouvelle pile CR1616, en plaçant le signe '+' de la pile vers le haut.

  4. Réassemblez les deux moitiés de la clé.
    • Réassemblez les deux moitiés de la clé.

    • Appuyez sur le bouton de fermeture ou d'ouverture afin d'être sûr que la clé fonctionne à nouveau.

    • Replacez la vis dans le trou et serrez-la avec le tournevis cruciforme #0.

    I have replaced the battery correctly and the remote still does not work…Is it possible that they key died?

    joshoua-tree - Réponse

    I just went through this on 2016 Civic with a fob just like the one pictured here.

    Close the doors, and make sure they are unlocked.

    Turn the key to turn the car on, but don't start it. The dash lights should come on, but don't engage the starter. Press and hold the "lock" button on the fob for one second.

    Turn the car off.

    Do that two more times. (Turn the key, hold the "lock" button for one second)

    Now, one more time. On this fourth time, leave the key turned and the dash lights lit. It will reprogram your fob when you press the "lock" button that fourth time. You have another 10 seconds to program any additional fobs by simply hitting the "lock" button for one second. So, if you have more than one, you need to do it as well.

    You only have 5 seconds on the first 3 steps between the time you turn the key and hold the "lock" button. It took me a few goes to get the first one to reprogram. Then it took a second go round to get both of them programmed.

    Edit: Additional: You can only have 3 active fobs at any given time.

    DJ AJ -

    Mine would only work if I had the negative side of battery facing up

    tjm339 - Réponse


Pour réassembler les pièces de la clé, suivez les instructions du tutoriel en sens inverse.

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The original battery in my 2012 Honda Civic Key is a Panasonic CR1616, not a CR1620. I bought an Energizer CR1620, and it was too thick.

Harry - Réponse

Thanks, Harry!

Michelle Henderson -

This isn't the same key remote that I have for my 2015 Civic Si (Sedan). Mine is more square shaped and the key is removable from the inside of the device. It also has no apparent opening-point anywhere around it. The only spot I would consider a possible entry point would be where the key is removed.

Robert - Réponse


Yes, once the key is removed it is just a matter prying it apart from between the two ears that stick up from the center. A fairly thick flat-bladed screw driver will do it (i used the handle end of a tweezer that was handy). This takes a CR2032 battery, (3) volt, very commonly found. There are two little tabs holding it in, plus (+) side up. Just snap it all back together. Voila.


Arlen Kerbaugh - Réponse

Thank you very helpful!!!

inakwana waka -

my 2012 remote doesn't look like this, nor does it have the same battery. it takes CR1616, and once you open the casiing, it has a second casing that needs to be opened.

Keegan Starr - Réponse

I had to replace CAR battery and now, while the key works, the 5-button fob from HONDA doesn’t. Does anyone know the code of key presses for it?

el flesh - Réponse

Perfect job, good steps and photos.  However some 2013 Accords  do not have a Phillips screw,  instead you move the tiny spring loaded button on the side to release the metal key,  pull it out,  then look for a fortified slot inside and turn a butter knife to open-split the case, go carefully.  NOTE- some of the 2032 batteries have a safety sticker on one face, “do not swallow”  you must remove it for the battery to work at all..  Happy Honda!

albert torizzo - Réponse

Doesn’t it have to be a Panasonic brand battery for it to work? I have the exact battery shown in picture mine takes a CR1620, I bought one from walmart but key pad still doesn’t work, help please!!! Honda wants to charge me $125 just to look at it to see what’s going on!!

tmbennett11 - Réponse

If you have the right type of battery, brand should not matter at all. Make sure the metal battery contacts are all clean and making good contact with the battery. Try a second replacement battery if available, in case the first one was a dud. If none of that helps, you likely have some other issue that can’t be fixed with a battery.

Jeff Suovanen -

I have a 2015 Honda Civic. My key battery is CR 1620.

CD Malcolm - Réponse

Amazing instructions. Very easy to follow. I am having Honda Accord Sport 2014, which takes CR1620 3V battery. Did the job perfectly !

Prajwal Muralidhara - Réponse

Why does it show a CR1620 battery being removed?

md_medic_1977 - Réponse

I changed the battery on my 2014 civic thinking it would fixe my problems but it didn’t. Me key still won’t work.

Jairo a - Réponse

Good directions and photos. Exactly matched my remote fob which goes to a 2016 Civic.

For others who have different key fobs, these directions and battery types would likely not apply.

Also, for those who are still having trouble:

1) double check the battery is installed with the right + / - position being up or down. It is possible the new battery is dead. I always recommend buying 2 at a time since the cost is so low for replacements.

2) make sure when you take the existing dead battery out that you put it far away from you so you don’t mix it up with your new battery. I have done that one before which is a silly avoidable mistake.

Jim Myers - Réponse

Alright guys, I am pretty sure its my alternator...but I thought i would toss a post up on here to get some feedback.

Last night I went to get gas and the car started up just fine. After I filled up, I got back in my car and turned the key. Nothing happened....the dash lit up, but it wouldnt turn over. I could hear a clicking noise but it was faint.

Called my father in law, he came and gave me a jump. Car started right up, so we I went home. Knowing that maybe it might be the battery, and i might need another jump I went to back my car into my parking space and it cut off as I was backing up.

I pulled my wifes car over and gave myself a jump again. I sat in the car and let it idle for about 15 minutes, but I had to keep revving the engine a little because it wanted to shut down.

Car has 95k on it, its the original battery and alternator. Considering it has occasionally been slow to start, I think its time to replace the battery as well ,

spencer audrey - Réponse

Hi, which battery would be equivalent to fit a 2014 Honda CR V? The Energizer 2025 or 2032 or just the CR1620? Please advise? Thanks

Mia Levy - Réponse

We lost just the screw. Do you guys know when to find one?


JC Bonassin - Réponse

googled: 2015 honda civic fob battery, this entry: Remplacement de la pile de la clé de la Honda Civic 2012-2015 came up top.

Ordered from Amazon right away without checking. The recommended battery CR1616 is NOT the right one AT ALL. It requires CR2032.

ifix_screw_u - Réponse

install new battery 2015 hona civic now cannot unlock door only half function work any idee why thanks

ti-toine65 - Réponse

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