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Repairing Bosch Dishwasher (SHU5315UC-06) Won't Fill (drain motor keeps running)

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  1. Repairing Bosch Dishwasher (SHU5315UC-06) Won't Fill (drain motor keeps running), Repairing Bosch Dishwasher (SHU5315UC-06) Won't Fill (drain motor keeps running): étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • Remove the two Torx or Phillips screws to release the lower access panel and set it aside.

    • If there is water in the base, remove as much as you can with a rag (as pictured).

    • It is normal to see a small amount of water in there but if there is a large amount, this may be what is causing the float to remain up and you may have a different issue.

  2. Repairing Bosch Dishwasher (SHU5315UC-06) Won't Fill (drain motor keeps running): étape 2, image 1 de 2 Repairing Bosch Dishwasher (SHU5315UC-06) Won't Fill (drain motor keeps running): étape 2, image 2 de 2
    • Use a screwdriver to lift the float switch activator (red stick). It has tabs which makes the task easy (although they are difficult to see in the picture).

    • Be careful not to shortcut the wires of the inlet valve with your screwdriver (it might be wise to turn off the electricity before this procedure).

    • Turn your dishwasher back on.

    • This may not fix it permanently, but the same procedure will work again and again.

    • If someone a permanent fix please share! I suspect a defective float switch (Bosch part #165256) but thee fact that my DW works for a couple of cycle before the issue coming back makes me a little skeptical.

    • On this dishwasher you should check on the right side for a leaking wash motor pump assembly


To reassemble your device, simply put the panel back in place.

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ALWAYS disconnect an appliance from mains electricity BEFORE attempting ANY repairs by unplugging (where appropriate) or turning it off at the breaker box, and leaving a warning to anyone to NOT flip the breaker back on. Also, place a strip of tape with this warning across the breaker. Otherwise, working on an energised appliance could have disastrous, even deadly effects or consequences!

Michael Driver - Réponse

The same approach worked for SRV46A63.

To remove water from the float-enabled switch you need noot only a rag, but a syrenge. In narrow Bosch dishwashers there is a water detecter that looks like a mushroom turned upside down and the "mushroom cap" sits in a kind of a shaft. A leakage would fill the shaft, pushing the cap up, the cap, in turn, would push the red lever which presses a microswitch. A rag would help you to get water from the base, but not from the shaft. You need to get all the water off this shaft with a syrenge, sliding the syrenge needle between the shaft wall and the cap.

%#*@, I should have made a photo!

Rashid Mukharlyamov - Réponse

When I worked for an appliance repair company, this used to be a quick Friday afternoon fix to get finished early. It would last a while, until some other poor sod would get the job of fixing it properly. Usually, it’s the circulation pump that is leaking. There should be no water in the base of the machine, it should be bone dry.

Tony - Réponse

This worked for my Bosch SHE55RF5UC! Thanks for posting. Symptom: dishwasher simultaneously filling and draining at the same time. Turned off the breaker, two Phillips head screws to get the front cover off, then fold up the insulation to see the red stick. Using a long flat screw driver, pulled the red stick up by one of its tabs (easy to reach). Turned on the breaker, turned on the dishwasher, and now it's working fine.

Reed - Réponse

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