Stalled printer for error 0xF2 or 0xF3

The error compare when there are some problem with encoder with roller to feed paper.

  1. Remove the external component
    • Remove the external component

    • Remove all component

    • Remove Ink tanks

  2. remove windows
    • remove windows

    • Remove Rear component

    • Dismount Ink lever

    • Remove Front pannel screws

    • Dismount LCD Pannel

    • Remove front pannel

    • Remove back panel screws

    • Other back panel screw (you find i back the lcd display)

    • Remove back ethernet panel

    • Remove main back panel, make attention to lcd display

    • More gently clean left encoder with a dry cleenex

    • More gently, Clean right encoder with a dry cleenex

    • If you want test the printer you need insert paper, and cover 2 switch with paper scotch.

    • Remount the printer (but before remove the scotch if you have used it) following in reverse mode the previous instructions.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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It's works, thanks

Thom - Réponse

Perfect. I used this guide to disassemble my printer.

I had 0xF1 and/or 0xF4. The reason was some paper stuck between the gears of the paper feed (in this guide step 12).

I hope this hint will help others. I didn't find any info about these error code online.

DumahBrazorf - Réponse

Error descriptions I found here -

John Smith -

Thank you very much ! This is a very useful and beautifully documented guide. Best wishes and greetings to the kind author of this guide from Bratislava, Slovakia.

George Pekarovic

George - Réponse

muito obrigado pela ajuda

Filipe Rocha - Réponse

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