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The Quasar MQ7774XW microwave was introduced in 1984. This replacement repair guide shows the necessary steps that must be taken if sparking occurs on the inside of the microwave.


  1. Disconnect the power supply cord from the outlet.
    • Disconnect the power supply cord from the outlet.

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  2. Remove the eight screws holding the wood-patterned cover to the microwave frame.
    • Remove the eight screws holding the wood-patterned cover to the microwave frame.

    • The first four screws are located on either side of the microwave front.

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    • Remove the additional four screws securing the wood-paneled case to the microwave frame.

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    • Placing your hands on either side of the case, slide the case back gently until you feel it completely separate from the microwave frame.

    • Lift the case upward slowly until the case is free of the microwave.

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    • First check to see if the interior of the microwave is dirty. Food or tin foil could be the reason that the microwave is sparking.

    • If the interior of the microwave is dirty, clean it. A spotless interior is recommended. The interior should look like the example in the picture.

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    • If the microwave continues to spark after the interior has been cleaned, that could indicate that the diode may be broken. The diode is what attaches the capacitor to the back of the microwave.

    • A multimeter can be used to measure the resistance of the diode. The multimeter must be on the resistance setting or the diode check setting. If the diode reads zero in both directions, then it is broken.

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    • Sparking inside of the microwave may also be the result of a broken or misaligned magnetron. If this is the case, it is recommended to take the microwave to a qualified professional or completely discarding the unit and purchasing a new one.

    • Fixing the magnetron without the aid of a qualified professional is NOT recommended. The magnetron is an emitter of microwave radiation and tampering with it may lead to serious injury or death.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Is the magnetron the failing component if you have this microwave or perhaps a 1983-1985 model quasar brand and the microwave doesn’t turn on after hitting “start”, a timer goes but no microwave heating is engaged?

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