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Board Specifications:

Samsung UN60FH6003 Timing Control (T-Con) Board P/N BN96-28944A (BN97-07663B)


- TV turns on

- Have sound

- dark screen (backlight on, changes brightness depending on content)

- can turn TV on/off, change channel, etc. with remote

Other symptoms this fix would most likely solve:

- picture shows inverted colors

- screen has vertical lines

- half of the screen has no picture (backlight still on)

- symptoms that suggest the video processing unit is malfunctioning, while all other things seem to be working


- T-Con board failure (most likely), everything except picture was working

- Main board failure (less likely), main board couldn't process visual information


1. bought replacement T-con board (I bought from ebay) - Board P/N BN96-28944A (BN97-07663B)

2. open TV by removing back cover (place TV face down, remove all screws, lift plastic back off)

3. remove metal plate that covers the T-con board, at the bottom of the TV. use caution not to damage ribbon cables attached to the T-con board

4. disconnect top ribbon cable by squeezing the sides of the adapter and pull it out carefully

5. disconnect bottom two ribbon cables. flip up plastic cover on the adapter/socket that locks the pins. lift out ribbon cables.

6. remove and replace new T-con board

7. reconnect all ribbon cables

8. install the metal plate, tv back cover


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  1. This is the T-con board (normally covered by a metal plate)
    • This is the T-con board (normally covered by a metal plate)

    • top of picture are the two ribbon connectors that goes to the LCD panel, the cables can be released by flipping up the black horizontal plastic cover

    • the bottom of the picture is the connector for the cable that goes to the main board, the cable can be release by squeezing the triggers on the sides of the cable

    • use extreme caution to avoid damaging the ribbon cables (if they get damaged, replacement parts could be bought on ebay or other online sites)

    • make sure you put all the plastic square pads (heat spreader?) back onto the new board on the appropriate chips

    Do u have samsung ua55d6600wm (UA55D6600WMXXS) T-con board for 55inch tv?

    SUMAN - Réponse


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I have a 50" Samsung Model UN50H6201 with the exact problem you described. Seems like the fix would be identical, except that I would get the T-Con board for my model. Correct?

davidcastanon - Réponse

Yes, the T-con board fixed the symptoms I have. The TV is still working perfectly today. I just opened up the TV, copied the board part number, and bought a used part off ebay. Good luck!

Eric Cheung - Réponse

Thanks for the info, I have similar issues. My set corrects after being turned on approx. 20 minutes or so. Did you have similar symptoms? TIA

Zatuna - Réponse

No I did not have similar symptoms. My TV was good for 13months, and no picture the day after. I do want to make wild guesses... but something that works after warming up might have to do with a bad connection or a dying piece of hardware on the board...

(Also, I did not have issues with the ribbon cable connection. The ribbon cable is the very flimsy thin strip of the signal lines that connects the T-con board to the LCD panel. There are two of them. I used the old pair.)

Eric Cheung -

I have UN40EH5300FXZA I was try to use my Note 4 w/ MHL adapter on my tv when signal cut & couldnt regain As i opened phone end of cord i saw it had broke its connections, soldered back together and just as I finished my friend walk up picked it up, of course I had just finished and was trying to test the connection with my phone prior and I left it plugged into the HDMI cord. When he turned around holding it it arc'd out the wires causing lots of Sparks, TV flashed & then cut to Grey screen with horizontal and vertical lines scrolling across the screen. Now whenever I turn the TV on it has pristine picture in all the different video input modes however after 1 to 5 minutes my screen Cuts back into the grey mode with horizontal and vertical lines scrolling across the screen I am unable to control the TV via control panel or remote during this it then cuts to a black screen then through startup and repeats till I pull the power cord question is can you tell me what I need to replace?

Brian Crilly - Réponse

Do you think it would just be the t-con board? I was able to do the video picture test without any fault and can get through the menu and everything looks and acts just fine until until the point in time when it starts to act up and flashes into the gray screen almost like static only with the vertical and horizontal lines at the same time scrolling across the screen

Brian Crilly - Réponse

my tv turns on and off by itself. any help?

reeaz mahmud - Réponse

I just replaced my T-con board on my ju7100, and it didn't fix my issue of my screen not coming on.

Daniel Medina - Réponse

do you know the brand of this T-CON?

guangyu - Réponse

guangyu, sorry I do not know the exact brand/manufacturer of the board. I searched the part number (P/N) on ebay and bought it off somebody with the exact same part (usually they have a non-functional TV and are selling functional parts on ebay). I found the part number by opening up my TV.

Eric Cheung - Réponse

I have a black screen and a clicking sounds from speekers when I click the volume buttons on a un50ju6500. I replace tconn board. It does the same thing. When I unplug the ribbon going from main board to tconn I get a bright blue screen. When I reconnect it goes black. I then replaced the main board. Now it make a drip kind of sound when I hit volume buttons. But same issue other then that. So I believe the main board was bad because sound seems better. What should I try next? Im not sure the parts Im buying are good or not. Im getting them off ebay. Maybe new tconn again?

Larry W - Réponse

Dear sir,please reply quikly ,my thoshiba 47 inches led tv. Is on off praper ,sound also clear but no video on bright if light off then only see the shadow picture .mecanical said led panel problem without checking it has no jnverter supperetly. How could i confirm .tcon board is fault how should verify how to check it please any body know reply

Poovannan - Réponse

I have Samsung led 55inch when I power it on and there is no pictures you will not see any rainbow lines but when pictures appears then the rainbow lines also appear deeply and the pictures are very bad

Jesse Daniel - Réponse

i replace SMD fuse in the T-Con Board when i power on it blown again can somebody help me whats the problem i have Samsung UA75H6400ARXUM model with power and sound but no display thanks for help

cris_808 - Réponse

Good day, i have a problem locate these part and i been in service center in Riyadh but i did not find parts for these hopefully you can help me i want to buy

parts for the my samsung UA75H6400ARXUM

BN95-01331A - T-conboard 3pcs

BN94-07448X - Motherboard 3pcs

BN44- 00724A- Power supply 3pcs

can somebody help me thanks

cris_808 - Réponse

I replaced the tcon board in my Samsung UA46H5303 but the 2 vertical white bars remains on screen

Would replacing the main board help?

Chris - Réponse

Have a 55" LED UN55H6203 Samsung got it 2 years ago and yesterday it went black on me no sound no picture. How can I fix it? Can anyone of you techs know how without paying too much? Sam G. Cheyenne , WY

Eusebio Gomez - Réponse

Hi, I have Philips 37pfl7603d/10 with t-con problem. Found few of them online with the same board nr. but bar code nr. are different so my question on what I have to look when buying tcon. My tcon nr are

AUO T370HW02 V402

Ctrl BD


Bar code and pic above

9.4V -0


The board that I found has different bar code and pic above



And its listed for Samsung.

As i got from searching, this 10 digits after letters are showing display tipe. So only one nr is different.

Are this boards interchangeable?


Stjepan Vrbanc - Réponse

Hi I have a 55 inch Samsung smart TV , I have backlights and sound 3 years checking T Com board I find one fuse is bad on t con board can I bypass fuse to see if tv is ok , and then replace t con THANK YOU JOE

jaa74751 - Réponse

yes but first re move the cable between panel and t con second measure f there is short after the fuse

khaledwwe -

Hi, i have issue of distorted more reddish picture quality, where in service menu it shows T-con checksum Error. I do have model UA40ES5500 and bought from singapore.

LED was working alright but during mytesting ith service menu for Bluetooth, the ADC/WB —> AV Calibration failed. Since theneven after reset and multiple reset also it does not work. Can anybody with same problem can help?

GSCS Common - Réponse



khaledwwe -

My tv is UA55ES8000.. it has sound with no backlight and no picture. When i disconnect the LVDS cable from TCON board then backlight turn on.. tv other functions working fine.. is it tcon board fail or mainboard?

Dulan Wijesundara - Réponse

my Samsung UN55ES6500F bought tcon ,connected one ribbon, fine. When I connect the second ribbon, screen goes blue….hope I can get some help,thanks

Angel - Réponse


If your Tv shows fine when connecting one of the LVDS cables but stop showing picture once you connect the other LVDS, then you have a defective TV panel or screen.

Mike W

Mike W - Réponse

Has there been a solution to this problem. I am having the same issue even after replacing the main board and the T-COM. Did I get a bad board?

Tony Stockton - Réponse

Is there typically anything to do in the service menu after replacing the Tcon?

Mat Newport - Réponse

Hi there, i have a samsung ue40d5003bw tv whit horizontal lines in the upper third of the screen and mirroring up the subtitles.

Is this a TCON malfunction?

Thanks in advance!

Benedek Csavar - Réponse

I'm having problems with my TV turning on and off and won't stay on

Andre Hill - Réponse

I got 65” samsung TV replaced all leds and tcon board but screen still dark but can see a dim picture sound works, lost at this point what to look at next any suggestions would be great.

Mark Sellers - Réponse

I have samsung un55j6201 smart tv.I have a 4 inch circular “spot” on bottom left corner w 2 inches of vertical lines running top to bottom and imaging ghosting on left side.replaced t con board and didnt help.any suggestions?

Susanna White - Réponse

Here is one for you. I have a screen problem. I have a Samsung UN506200. The screen is black with a barely noticeable raster with no video. Replaced T-Con board with no affect. Disconnected one of the ribbon cables feeding the screen driver board and get 1/2 normal picture. So it seems the T-Con board is shutting down under a bad load on one side. You can see it on the T-Con board as there is a small blue LED that lights up when it works normal. So….it appears I have either a bad component on the display driver board (left side) like a shorted cap or the display itself. Thoughts?

P F - Réponse

Same issue here. any luck?

jeremy hamilton -

I have a similar issue with my Samsung EU48JU6000K. The picture and sound sometimes comes on normally the the picture may flicker on and off then goes off completely the sound stays on. The back lights are still on producing a dark raster. I have noticed that one of blue led’s on the T-con board goes out when the picture disappears, I have disconnected each of the ribbon cables feeding the screen led’s but unlike PF the screen picture didn’t appear.


Terry Shrimpling -

I have a Samsung UN75JU7100 and I have a weird issue. My HDMI inputs work fine for a short amount of time and then the screen goes blank. Im still able to access the smart hub and everything else, I just lose the video from HDMI.

Would the T-Con replacement fix this?

leeanthony1984 - Réponse

i have a UN60JU7090 samsung 60’’ my tv at turn on is dark with picture after tv is on for a while the screen gets really white like a bright haze. is this a bad t-com board. need info

Mark A Martin - Réponse

What's the best place to purchase samsung t con board un60fh6003fxza

Arif khan - Réponse

I replaced my t con board and my tv worked perfectly for 2 days. Second day I turned the TV on, walked away for 5 minutes and when I came back the TV was black but I could still here what was on the TV (this is what was wrong when I replaced the t con board.) Any guesses/suggestions on further actions to take?

Lori - Réponse

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