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Repairing Samsung LA40R81BD 40in LCD TV Power Supply (clicking Relay Symptom)

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  1. Repairing Samsung LA40R81BD 40in LCD TV Power Supply (clicking Relay Symptom), Rear Cover: étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • Unplug power cable and all AV cables from rear of TV and carefully lay TV face down on a clean flat working surface ensuring that you don't damage the LCD screen.

    • Using a Philips driver remove the 18 screws from the rear panel.

    • Gently lift the rear cover off the TV. You may need to wiggle the cover a little however there are no clips holding the cover on so it should come off easily if you have fully unscrewed all 18 screws.

  2. Repairing Samsung LA40R81BD 40in LCD TV Power Supply (clicking Relay Symptom), Power Supply Board: étape 2, image 1 de 1
    • Remove the 7 connectors from the board

    • Remove the 7 screws from the board

    • Lift the main board away from the chassis ensuring you don's snag or catch any of the cables.

  3. Repairing Samsung LA40R81BD 40in LCD TV Power Supply (clicking Relay Symptom), Repairing Samsung LA40R81BD 40in LCD TV Power Supply (clicking Relay Symptom): étape 3, image 1 de 1
    • Inspect all electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board and replace any that are bulging or leaking.

    • On my board there were 2ea 2200uf capacitors that were bulging.

    • Remove the old capacitors ensuring you don't overheat or damage the copper pads/tracks on the circuit board

    • Take care to ensure you install the new capacitors correctly. They are polarity sensitive and the board and capacitors will be clearly marked which way they should be inserted.

    • You may want to check and replace any adjacent capacitors that are rated 10V as these seem to be the ones likely to fail.

    • In my case I also replaced the 1000uF capacitor

    • If you have a different model TV the layout of the power supply board may be different however the faulty capacitors should be easily identifiable.

    • If replacing the capacitors does not resolve your symptoms you may need to replace the eprom on the main board as it can be corrupted or damaged by the power cycling


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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13 commentaires

would it be possible to replace the 2200uF capacitors with a larger size? this issue has occurred already on this TV and again on another of the same model. Thanks.

Callum - Réponse

Higher voltage rated and better quality caps are what you need, don't change the value of teh capacitor though.

Richdave -

Hi would like to ask, if i do open up and check i find no capacitor is bloat or faulty. will there be other parts that will cause the clicking Relay Symptom? Appreciate it if anyone can help me on it. thanks

preseanis - Réponse

Hello, I have the blinking red lights when I try to turn on my Samsung lcd tv. I checked the capacitors and they seem to be fine except a smaller 16v 12mm capacitor is slightly bulging(not broken or leaking yet). Would that be enough to cause this? And should I just replace it?

Thank you!

Kyle Durksen - Réponse

Richdave, do you know if any suppliers have the EEPROM still? The 2 x 2200uf cap were bulging on mine but after replacement the power cycling continued. All the 5 to 13V rails are there, no HV out of other side.

niium - Réponse

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