This guide will show the basic steps to remove you old headliner, replace the loose material, and re-install the headliner into the vehicle. This type of headliner has been used since the early 1980s through today.


  1. Prep the car for work.
    • Prep the car for work.

      • Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

      • Removal of the right passenger seat may be necessary to help remove the headliner from the car.

    • Remove the trim.

      • Unbolt the sun visors, dome lamp, grab handles and any other accessories that are attached to the ceiling.

      • Remove the upper seat belt mounting loops.

      • Remove and/or pull back just enough of the side interior trim panels to gain access to the edge of the headliner. Complete removal of these panels is usually not needed.

      • Lower one side of the headliner panel and slide it over to clear the trim panels.

      • Turn the panel and remove it from the vehicle.

    • Remove the old fabric from the board.

      • Place the headliner panel on a clean work table.

      • Carefully pull the old fabric material off the board. Usually the foam backing will remain stuck to the headliner board. Use a piece of the old material to rub the old foam loose from the board.

      • Vacuum the foam bits from the backing board.

    • Install new fabric:

      • If the board is damaged, repair it using aluminum tape. Any rough areas might show after the new fabric is applied.

      • Lay out the new fabric over the board. Pull 1/2 of it back over itself.

      • Spray headliner adhesive glue on 1/2 of the board and the back side of the fabric.

      • Carefully place the fabric onto the board starting from the center point and smooth it outward wit your hand as you lay it down.

      • Pull up the other 1/2of the fabric over the side you just glued down. Repeat the above steps to lay down this side of the fabric.

    • Trim up the fabric edges

      • Fold over the front & rear edges and glue them to the back side of the board about 1 inch from the edge.

      • Cut the side edges flush with the board. Also cut any access holes for the sun visors and other accessories that were previously removed.

    • Reinstall the headliner to the car:

      • Reverse the removal steps to re-install the headliner into the car.

      • Start one edge over the side trim panels and then raise the headliner into position over the other side trim panels.

      • Re-install the sun visors, dome lamp, seat belt upper loops and any other items that were previously removed

      • Lightly brush the headliner to remove marks & fingerprints.

      • If any of the trim clips break off of the interior trim panels, you can reattach them to the panel with 2-part epoxy glue.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Excellent directions. I'd like to see a well made video of the procedure! Thanks,


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Thank you so much. I've never tried anything like this before, you've made it seem like even I can do it. I'm excited to save a cpl hundred by doing it myself!

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