The tools and steps in this guide can be applied by a FiYer(Fix-it-Yourselfer) to repairing various wooden toys not just toy trains



Aucune pièce nécessaire.

  1. Locate all the missing wooden parts of the toy.
    • Locate all the missing wooden parts of the toy.

    • Clean the toy and parts so they are free from food and grime

  2. Tools needed:
    • Tools needed:

    • - Sandpaper 150 grit

    • - Good quality wood glue

    • Sand the part of the wooden smoke stack that is going to be fixed to the steam locomotive

    • Clean the wood dust

    • Sanded and cleaned part free of dust and old glue

    • Apply a thin and even layer of wood glue to the sanded portion

    • Fix the smoke stack to the steam engine

    • Clean the excess glue around the joint with a paper towel

    • Choo-choo, the steam locomotive is as good as new.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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