Potentiellement dangereux
Risque de blessure si cette procédure n'est pas suivie correctement. Faites preuve de prudence et suivez tous les avertissements.


This guide will take you through the steps necessary to replace your Jeep's oil filter.



  1. Let your Jeep cool down by leaving it off for 30 minutes.
    • Let your Jeep cool down by leaving it off for 30 minutes.

      • If you do not let it cool, you can be easily burned. The oil filter will be hot.

    • Locate the oil filter. It is a cylindrical dome on the bottom side of the engine.

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  2. You will need to access the filter from underneath the vehicle.
    • You will need to access the filter from underneath the vehicle.

    • Before unscrewing oil filter, make sure an oil pan is below the filter. When you unscrew the filter, oil will begin flowing instantly. This is extremely bad for the environment and will damage your pavement.

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    • Use an oil filter wrench to loosen the oil filter. Twist it to the left to remove the filter.

      • We did not have the correct wrench available while making this guide.

    • Oil will begin to leak at this point! Be sure to catch all of the oil with the oil pan.

    • Once loosened, unscrew and remove the filter with your hand.

    • Let all of the oil drain from the vehicle.

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    • After the oil is drained, begin to hand screw the new oil filter into place.

      • Use the oil filter wrench to tighten the oil filter until it is secure. This will prevent leaking.

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    • Once the new oil filter is secure locate the oil cap on the engine.

    • Unscrew and add 6 quarts of 5W-30 type synthetic engine oil.

    • Replace the oil cap and the installation is complete!

      • Be sure to dispose of the old oil properly. Look up oil recycling services in your area. DO NOT dump the oil down any drain. It will seriously damage the environment and plumbing systems.

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With a new oil filter your engine will remain healthy and run more efficiently.

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