This guide gives step-by-step instructions for replacing strings in the most appropriate manner, ensuring that you can do some seriously righteous jamming on your New Yorker!

  1. Place the mandolin on a firm, level surface with adequate lighting.
    • Place the mandolin on a firm, level surface with adequate lighting.

  2. Loosen the tuning nob.
    • Loosen the tuning nob.

    • Carefully remove the top end of string from the tuner in the mandolin head.

    • Unhook the old string from the tail of the mandolin.

    • Remove the string from the bottom.

    • Select a new string, and then insert the bottom end of it through the bridge at the tail.

    • Secure the string to the tail by looping it over the hook.

    • Pulling the string taut, bring its top end across the nut and into the tuning peg.

    • Run the line through the tuning element at the head of the mandolin, as pictured. Be sure to pull the string away from the headstock.

    • Pull the string down, towards the fretboard, and run the string underneath itself.

    • Pull the string tight so that it wraps around the tuning peg.

    • Pinch the string over itself to create a knot.

    • Tighten the tuning nob until the desired tension is reached.

    • Clip off any excess string.

    • Optional: Clip the electronic tuning device to the head of the mandolin; use the device to assist in fine-tuning your mandolin.

    • Commence rocking on with your Gretsch New Yorker!

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