Samsung Galaxy CORE, DUOS (i8260, i8262) - how to disassemble the phone and replace Main and Front Cameras.

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Switch-off the phone.
  • Switch-off the phone.

  • Remove the Battery cover and the battery.

  • Remove an inserted SIM and Memory cards.

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Remove 9x Phillips screws.
  • Remove 9x Phillips screws.

  • With a plastic tool remove the Back cover.

  • The Vibrator is on the other side of the back cover

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  • Disconnect one by one:

    • Earpiece/Loudspeaker/Audio Jack connector module flex cable

    • LCD Display flex cable

    • Charging Dock/Antenna/Mic module flex cable

    • Coaxial Antenna cable

  • Carefully remove the Logic Board.

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  • Main / Rear Camera

  • Front Camera

  • With a plastic tool open the Camera flex cable connector.

  • Carefully remove the camera.

how about techno phones? i will love to know how to repair them as well. or are they the same perterns and process? thank you for your good works.

georg nwaneri - Réponse


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi, I have galaxy win and the front camera is too bad in quality, i want to replace front camera with galaxy core front camera which is very descent in compare to galaxy win. Please suggest

My email Id:

Yassar Shaikh - Réponse

اكتب عربي

Mjd Mjd - Réponse

My mobile Sony m2 my camera low quality... Can I do anything for this problem??!

Mjd Mjd - Réponse

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