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Replace a broken screen of a Galaxy j3 2016

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To reassemble your device, follow the instructions in reverse order.

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ian mdx

Membre depuis le 30/06/2016

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I'm having a hard time looking for a place to purchase the screen or find a tutorial video. Is there a difference between the Galaxy J320F and J320V screens?

genpuppy - Réponse

Yes there is, you have to buy a lcd display for J320V / J320R4, but the repair tutorial is the same

ian mdx - Réponse

Where to buy galaxy j3 lcd by online service?

Md Zabed Akhtar Kalimi - Réponse

In my opinion, Ebay is the best place to buy it

ian mdx - Réponse

hi there had phone for month not been dropped but repair company says lcd screen is cracked no visual cracks on outside of phone as wouldn't have sent off if was damaged but won't repair as saying my error? phone been cared for by protection screen and case never been dropped how can inside be cracked with no stress fractures just a clean crack and no visual crack on front of phone? can engineer taking screen out possibly have broken this as no other explanation? thanks for listening.

Sara Smith - Réponse

Same thing happen to my j3. Have it for a few months. No drops recently. Out of the blue, the screen is unreadable.

Samsung service says the screen cracked internally and wouldn't fix it for me. Unless I pay 200 myr for a new one

Lau Kok Pin -

Je l'ai fais très facile a faire pas comme d'autre modèle.

Conseil bien chauffé et l’écran s’enlève tout seul

ks repar - Réponse

I have a J320W8 that I need to replace the lcd on. What screens are compatible with this? I have searched E-Bay thoroughly and can't find anything with that model number on it.

Bob - Réponse

The problem with these screens is they are too expensive


Where do you get the screen???

Connor Crommelin - Réponse

Where do you get the screen?

Connor Crommelin - Réponse

on ebay ;)

ian mdx - Réponse

Okay thanks I'll take a look

Connor Crommelin - Réponse

Hi! How much is the LCD replacement of J3Galaxy? 2016 My phone cracked inside

Fatima Mehdi - Réponse

I have the Samsung Galaxy J3 (J320A)

And on eBay I see lots of ones with a different letter at the end. Will any of them work with the "A" model?

I see...


But not A.


Dave Newman - Réponse

Do you think i can buy a SM-J320F screen for my SM-J320W8? I dont find these anyware.

Maxime Robichaud - Réponse

The guide is not showing up on my screen a have internet and have refreshed it 3 times, has anyone else had this problem with ifixit

James Balsley - Réponse

Fatima Mehdi Same thing happened to me I also have j3 I searched up the screen replacement for it on eBay and the cheapest is $30 :(((

Qianxu Guo - Réponse

How much will it cost me to fix a little crack in my phone it's from the volume button to the corner from a Samsung galaxy j3 emerge

Ryan - Réponse

Do the square sticky pads on either side of the homebutton need to be completely clear of debris to work? I can't seem to get tiny shards off.

sylvietoroknagy - Réponse

Jow much does it cost to fix it? And where could I find the location?

cokekiiz8 - Réponse

I'm trying to replace my lcd touch screen, trying to order the part, but am only finding j320v. My phone says j36v. Is there a difference??

Samuel Walker - Réponse

hi,i have that lcd but without cooper folie,is it necessary?

Andi - Réponse

Nobody has an answer to differentiate the screens. The J3 320 is supposed to be a J3 2016. I am told a Verizon J3 320v is in fact a J3 2016 so what the !&&*? Did Samsung &&^&^$^ make various screens for all carriers on the same model phone? THAT'S BULL SH*T! Not one ebay seller itemizes specific carriers. And not one actually specifies a J3 320v screen. Verizon said they will fix the screen for $100 but yet they are selling a refurbished J320v in like new condition for $89? FU*K YOU VERIZON! FU*K YOU SAMSUNG! AND FU*K this WHOLE CHEATING, LYING, GREEDY circle of jerks who made these cheap pieces of garbage in the first place. We have the right to get reasonable prices on parts to repair our own phones. It's not fair when a phone model gets an unreasonable price increase based on a carrier. That's gouging. The carriers should be banished from the repair portion of the industry and prosecuted for exploiting price gouging

nunyabiziness - Réponse

I feel you, brother.

Cell phone carriers are ruthless in USA. Locked phones, carrier locked phones are in the past even in the 3rd world countries like Thailand, Russia.

How the f*ck a cell phone that I paid for could be attached to a carrier? It does not belong to a service provider if I purchased it with my money.

In Vietnam I bought a new Nokia with AT&T logo on the phone. Had it connected to local service provider within minutes. And you know what, AT&T does not operate in Vietnam.

P.S. This is not the only way folks get ass invaded in this once great country.

bentoro25 -

I have big problem with these cheap screens from ebay. they are to thick, they don't fit to frame properly :/ home button is lower than screen surface. It's very hard to buy good quality screen for J3, A5, A3 phones.

Sowa Slawomir - Réponse

hi to all! where can i find the silver tool that he use to remove the screen? there isn't in tool that i can buy? thx to answer me :)

andrea barcherini - Réponse

Hi Andrea! We don't carry exactly the same tool as is used in the video, but I would recommend trying a set of opening picks as a substitute. That's what we usually use to open phones like this.

Adam O'Camb -

hi there a have got the screen and that on but the phone turns on and it makes a noice 3 times if its messages comeing through but the screen wont light up or enything and a have checked the back it for the screen to power up could enyone tell me how to get it work please

mark mccarrison - Réponse

drop my J3 phone and the screen becomes dark... Called d repairer shop and he told me it will cost RM400++ Seriously tht expensive??

wendymelissa76 - Réponse

My samsung j320fn screen got cracked ,where can I replace the screen.

Mosun Adeleye - Réponse

Hello I find this tutorial really easy. :) I wanted to know if someone can help me find replacement parts for my Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge for my phone. I have model J327P and its Silver from Boost Mobile. I need to repair the touch screen because it’s cracked and I’m having a hard time finding a replacement back door battery for it too. I want to be able to fix my mothers phone too as well because she has the same phone and her screen is also cracked. I’m not having any luck finding the screen replacement, “Touch screen” Or what ever you call it. And I don’t want to go to Geek Squad at Best Buy and have them charge a ridiculous prices if you can just do it your self. If someone can point me in the right direction I’d highly appreciate it! :) I only got this phone for 50 bucks on Boost’s site because they were doing a Holiday sale. Idk how my phone got cracked. Will this tutorial work with the J3 Emerge as well? Thanks! :) Hope someone replies. ^_^

Mako - Réponse

This is so easy took less than five minutes

Steven Myles - Réponse

Yo can buy the replacement screens from ebay for about £25.00 so easy to replace

Steven Myles - Réponse

Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (J320A) I am looking for a screen replacement. Do you sell the specific screen?

Christelle Tanis - Réponse

Hi, I've changed 4 times this bloody lcd but all of them had the same problems the buttons, back and the other one need a lot of pressure to work any ideas? Maybe I'm doing sth wrong?

Stelios M - Réponse

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