Utilisez ce guide pour remplacer l'écran complet de votre Galaxy Note 4.

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Il est conseillé de retirer la batterie, le S Pen, la carte SD et la carte SIM avant de démonter l'appareil (si votre téléphone a une carte SIM).
  • Il est conseillé de retirer la batterie, le S Pen, la carte SD et la carte SIM avant de démonter l'appareil (si votre téléphone a une carte SIM).

  • Commencez par chauffer les bords de l'écran. L'adhésif du Galaxy Note 4 est moins puissant que sur les nouvelles générations, et se retirera plus facilement, nécessitant moins de chaleur.

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Coupez l'adhésif qui maintient le LCD, lentement et avec soin.
  • Coupez l'adhésif qui maintient le LCD, lentement et avec soin.

  • Progressez le long du haut et des côtés du téléphone et faites très attention lorsque vous approchez de l'adhésif au bas du téléphone. Les touches tactiles du Galaxy Note 4 sont à la portée de vos médiators et il est très facile de les couper.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Be VERY careful not to damage the softkey flex's!

droopie - Réponse

Each softkey is a tiny little board (~3x5mm) with a ribbon cable that goes to the screen edge and then around the back of the midframe.

These are glued to both the screen and the midframe, so when prying the screen away with your spudger they may stick to the screen, stretching the ribbon cable across the gap allowing you to tear / cut it.

Minimise this risk by only entering your spudger from the bottom edge of the screen (not the sides) so that if you touch the ribbon cable, it will likely peel the board off the underside of the screen.

(I found out the hard way. Suggest installing "Back Button (No Root)" as an on-screen alternative)

Robert Meerman - Réponse

Even with this warning, I still cleanly cut the menu button on the left off.

Chris Olin -

  • Insérez votre Jimmy sous le LCD afin de couper l'adhésif central. L'adhésif utilisé est plutôt solide donc veillez à ce que vous soyez en dessous de l'isolation en cuivre avant de soulever l'écran.

This is the hardest part of the removal process; unlike the person responsible for the actual parts shown in photos, I was able to do it without ripping the copper portion; however, I managed to separate a little part of the very edge of the copper and now i’m not sure if the screen is still going to work or not. So when you get to step 3 when first inserting the cutting tool make sure you are in between the copper and the midplate. This is where I feel ifixit could have done a better job to explain how to exactly get in between the midplate and adhesive and not the screen and determine so.

Michael Langone - Réponse

  • Image 1 : l'emplacement de l'adhésif est entouré en rouge.

  • Image 2 : si vous insérez votre spudger depuis le côté droit, ne l'enfoncez pas à plus de 2,2 cm afin de ne pas endommager le câble du bouton Home.

  • Image 3 : si vous insérez votre spudger depuis le côté gauche, ne l'enfoncez pas à plus de 4,4 cm pour la même raison.

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  • Image 4 : faites attention au câble du LCD. Lorsque vous coupez l'adhésif autour de l'écran, laissez la partie haute afin de ne pas abîmer ce câble. Mais si votre écran est cassé, alors ne vous embêtez pas trop !

  • Faites attention à la partie basse, où sont placés les boutons tactiles.

  • Si l'adhésif entouré en rouge est trop abîmé, vous pouvez utiliser le ruban adhésif double-face 3M pour le remplacer. Cela permettra de mieux maintenir le nouvel écran en place.

Please change font color to Red for below points as you did in other guide, I messed up soft key flex

Notice 5: Be careful with the bottom side because there are the soft keys.

Notice 6: If the adhesive in the red line don't function any more when you place the new LCD screen, you can choose to use the 3M double side tape. It can help to fasten the new screen together with the LCD screen sticker.

jaffarmn - Réponse

Is there a way to get the LCD off with the copper still intact?

Alicia Grass - Réponse

  • Retirez le connecteur du LCD et celui du capteur S Pen.

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  • Séparez l'écran LCD du reste du téléphone.

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Pour remonter votre appareil, suivez les étapes dans l'ordre inverse.

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Can I use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun

charlie - Réponse

Yes, a hair dryer on the hot setting will work in place of a heat gun for this repair. You may have to heat it a bit longer but you will be able to tell when the adhesive is warm enough, as it will begin to separate a lot easier.

Brad -

Here in our tech community we have been discussing the foil under the LCD. We are doing more testing but there might be a connection with the foil functioning in conjunction with S-Pen and AirView. Can anyone confirm this?

Kevin Henson - Réponse

Yes, the foil permits the s pen to function. If you have the part of the foil that was riped off you can tape it back.

Gianrene Padilla -

Read somewhere the copper acts as the digitizer for the S-pen.

Has anyone had any success swapping out the glass on the display?

SMcC21985 - Réponse

Need help with step 4

I opened the screen and attached the new screen to the connections and thanks to you, it is working.

While I was in the process of opening the assembly I took off the adhesive on the mid frame. i.e Step 4 pic, in the red line.

I am trying to find the replacement for it. I would really appreciate if you could help me out.


Rohit - Réponse

Hoello do you know a web site for buy the display for note 4?

Edmundo - Réponse

Hello do you know a web site for buy just the display for note 4?

Edmundo - Réponse

Hi i think I may have damaged the cable to the back button . It lights up but doesnt respond to my pressing it. Im getting by by using the onscreen shortcuts for the buttons. Is there a spare part to replace these buttons?

William Nunez - Réponse

Permisi mau tanya neh... aq kan baru beli note 4 bekas ori samsung bukan replika tapi anehnya kenapa di dasar layar lcd nampak tulisan " pent mouse inspired by humans creating the future " apa lcdnya bukan ORI ya...?thanks infonya...

Zaky hamed - Réponse

The first day I got my note 4 I dropped it once and Screen Cracked. I have watched every single YouTube video on this subject, and Have found this example best. Luckily my phone works perfect just need to replace the glass. I am going to do the repair seeing as I don't have insurance etc. Is the card Method a good idea to pry glass away? I just want to do it to where I'm causing the least amount of stress on lcd/ Digitizer. Also any good advice anyone has that would have really saved your ass duringduring your own repair would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and wish me luck! Oh yah also I only have a hair dryer. While using this I'm assuming it's going to require more heat then ie heat gun this is made for this sort of stuff. Thank you all!

Andre mills - Réponse

can i take lcd from working note 4 and replace it on broken lcd note 4 ? Original new lcd is very expensive and I am getting deal on second hand Note 4 online.

cool9fox - Réponse

Can I pull lcd from an old working Note 4 and replace it to my new lcd broken Note 4 ?

cool9fox - Réponse

Does ot comewith the adhesive?

mmarcucci - Réponse

Sorry, it doesn't include lcd screen sticker, but you can but it separately here:

Witrigs -

Does it come with the adhesive??

mmarcucci - Réponse

If the lcd assembly is not attached will the phone still power on or does the lcd have to be attached to the phone before the power button will boot the phone up?

Alex Grison - Réponse

you can use the hair dryer its ok, there's no need to specify how long does it take for the glue inside the phone to be warm enough since this is about practice, and if you are patience enough, you'll be able to being testing carefully, how the adhesive is ridding off, at the end you will know an estimated time on how long it takes to be completely off.

Moises Mazier - Réponse

I accidentally cut off the home button flexi cable and the touch screen not working after assembly. Any relation between them?

Marc - Réponse

Do i need to put adhesive below the lcd?i mean i have just the pre-cut adhesive which i put on the sides of the lcd so that it glue to the midframe panel

arvkajunion - Réponse

Can I get the kit to rebuild my own digitlizer screens

Raymond Barberio - Réponse

my note 4 screen is responding only to the fingers. but not to the s pen plz help me please respond to

Dony Biju - Réponse

I'm not 100% sure, but the copper foil on the back of the LCD may need to be intact for the s pen to work.

Todd Aucoin -

Hi, maybe you’d be able to help me but i have litteraly the opposite of your problem. My phone’s top part of the display is the only part of the display yhat’s responding to my finger while the entire screen responds to the s-pen. Any help is welcome and hopefully i’ll get sn answer from you….. Greetings from Suriname..

Fifi Thompson -

how can i re-install ind affixed the new screen with the Adhesive

Mohamed Hassanien - Réponse

Yes its repairable as I believe Z- axis tape and a foil patch may work. I have done this on two phones so far and they both worked as it was just a ground in these cases.

Andre - Réponse

hey I hv a note 4 that the lcd flex Is broken how am I gone repair it

davis - Réponse

How much is the screen in Ghana CEDI's?

Dj Noble gh - Réponse

My nephew dropped my Samsung galaxy note 4 he now black screen me blue pulse light blinks…tried every method but nothing … help me out plz

attaabbas01 - Réponse

If its black, chances are the screen is kaput. About the only way to check is to disconnect the flex for screen, if this is the problem phone should then boot up fine. I saw this on some S6’s once so its quite a common problem.


Andre - Réponse

Note, for folks with damaged foil(s) a suitable replacement is that copper tape sold for deterring slugs.

If you’re careful its possible to overlap it and reattach with 3M Z axis tape.

I did this on an old Huawei with similar problem and it worked fine, also handy for reattaching broken screen flex but its a *lot* harder.

If you have a good glass with bad flex (how?) then this sometimes does work.

Re. dodgy touch screen it can’t be replaced as part of the assembly but can sometimes be worth checking that the secondary flex hasn’t come unplugged from the board: its a PITA to check but if you get it out try cleaning with IPA in case of fingerprints.

Andre - Réponse

Does the replacement screen come with a pen foil.

fr4nkyst13n - Réponse

Can the glass be separated from the digitizer?

Smeargle - Réponse

It can be but it's way easier to get the whole digitizer assembly

Carolina Fisher -


ta.chu - Réponse

I did this today with a hair dryer and cut up gift cards lol. The back and recent buttons are glued to the glass so be sure to unstick them before lifting too far so you don't rip them out. I had to reseat the screen ribbon cable, not replace the screen, so I just laid the screen back down where it goes and heated it again to reactivate the adhesive. It's sticking like new, no issues there. Ripped a bit of the copper foil off but the s pen still works 100%, touch and hover.

Carolina Fisher - Réponse

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