Use this guide to replace the rear-facing camera on your Galaxy Note 4.

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Take away the back cover and battery easily. Don't forget to remove SIM card and S Pen.
  • Take away the back cover and battery easily. Don't forget to remove SIM card and S Pen.

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Remove all 16 screws together on the back.
  • Remove all 16 screws together on the back.

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  • Cut LCD screen sticker, loosen clasps around battery slot and push the whole front assembly out from middle housing.

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  • We can see the motherboard now and the rear camera is connected by a connector on the back of motherboard. So we have to remove motherboard before removing rear camera.

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  • Before removing motherboard, we have to remove LCD screen. You can see more details on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LCD screen replacement.

  • If just removing the rear camera it is not necessary to remove the LCD from the assembly. simply unscrew the one screw located on the left side of the motherboard and disconnect flex cables with a plastic spudger, keeping in mind the two connections underneath the board where the LCD connects. You run less risk of damage to the display this way.

You do not need to remove LCD\Digitizer assembly from the bezel to replace the rear camera. Doing so is dangerous not to mention adds unnecessary time to the repair.

Gabriel Burchfield - Réponse

  • Release connectors which connecting with motherboard.

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  • Remove the screws, you can remove the top one only. Pry up and release USB board connector on the back.

  • Finally, remove motherboard.

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  • Release rear camera connector and remove it.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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What is the tool, they use in step 5?

Sara Lee - Réponse

Just look at the photo and Google it. "The opening tool" or HH-5A

isaactannermadsen - Réponse

Hello good day! Could someone tell me what do you call these platelets circuits that have bonded to the housing samsung galaxy note 4 I circled in red the following .. images.



elisangelops - Réponse

What could you do if just the glass was broken on your camera lens but camera still worked?

sheets83 -

if you only have the glass broken you *MIGHT* be able to just replace the glass cover but there is a huge risk of glass and dust contamination ruining the camera anyways. I personally had this happen after replacing the glass cover and now have black splotches all over even after I tried my damnest to control for dust.

Michael Goelz -

They are antenna’s or the connectors to the antennas.

Dennis Smith -

Do i loose my information on my note 4 after these procedures and need to have a backup before i start?

Massoud - Réponse

I have a 910C model. I would like to know if all models (A, C, F, U...) have the same camera inside?

Best regards

Salih - Réponse

The chipset(s) would be different in each one, I would think.

Gabe -

hi guys. i was just wondering, could we replace the camera with a different one? say the Sony IMX260 camera from samsung galaxy note 7 or maybe s7 edge?

canisperosrn - Réponse

just broke the screen now

mohamed.rashad1989 - Réponse

How much is the camera lens?

Maru - Réponse

Hi Guys! I've tried to change camera module 3 times, but it shows always error that module cannot be found.

Initial Camera is working well. I tried to put the same module for N910C

Model SM-N910C

can you tell me please how I could fixed it?

Georgy Grebeshkov - Réponse

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