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They are working for Galaxy S3 (I9300) too.

You can see the codes in the description of the video.

Instructions vidéo


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hello, are those codes valid on fake samsungs as well? I am planning to buy one this week and I would like to test it for fakeness! Thank you!

kostas - Réponse

I think - no.

ZFix - Réponse

I want beak my imei u can hlep me

Nisim Cohen - Réponse

You want to fix your IMEI or you want to change it?

ZFix -

My wifi antenna is not picking up a signal very well, i lose wifi if I am more than 20 ft from router. The code to get into service mode doesn't work on my galaxy s4 model SCH-I545, nor do any of the codes for that matter. Suggestions?

Brett - Réponse

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