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!!Une réinitialisation aux paramètres d'usine va effacer toutes vos informations personnelles!!

Si vous avez oublié votre mot de passe, schéma ou autre, il existe 3 solutions pour contourner ces sécurités :

-Vous pouvez vous connecter avec votre téléphone à votre compte Google, qui a été enregistré sur votre téléphone. Vous devez être connecté à Internet par Wi-Fi ou par 2G/3G/4G.

-En entrant vos informations de récupération si vous l'avez indiqué auparavant.

Et sinon, vous pouvez effectuer une réinitialisation d'usine / hard reset. En faisant cela, vous allez effacer toutes vos données personnelles du téléphone et vous allez retrouver votre téléphone à son état d'usine.

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  1. Si vous avez oublié votre mot de passe ou votre schéma de verrouillage, il y a trois façons de contourner la sécurité : Vous pouvez vous identifier sur votre téléphone par le compte Google enregistré sur ce téléphone. Vous devez être connecté à un réseau Wi-Fi que vous avez utilisé auparavant. En entrant un code PIN de sauvegarde, si vous aviez créé un auparavant.
    • Si vous avez oublié votre mot de passe ou votre schéma de verrouillage, il y a trois façons de contourner la sécurité :

    • Vous pouvez vous identifier sur votre téléphone par le compte Google enregistré sur ce téléphone. Vous devez être connecté à un réseau Wi-Fi que vous avez utilisé auparavant.

    • En entrant un code PIN de sauvegarde, si vous aviez créé un auparavant.

    My WiFi is off on the mobile so I can't hav access to internet on it

    Christine Meunier - Réponse

    Trying to unlock my galaxy s5

    Christine Meunier - Réponse

    how to access google account by phone when it is locked?

    sanjivmehan - Réponse

    That is what i need to is asking for passcode to get into google as well.

    Kim Langley -

    Ever figure this out?

    Robert Gabsa - Réponse

    I trying to unlock my phone I forgot it

    evangelistpetrusscott - Réponse

  2. - Éteignez le téléphone. - Appuyez et maintenez simultanément le bouton Volume Haut, le bouton d'Accueil et le bouton d'alimentation. - Quand vous voyez le logo Galaxy s'afficher, relâchez le bouton d'alimentation, mais continuez à maintenir la touche Volume Haut et la touche d’Accueil enfoncées.
    • - Éteignez le téléphone.

    • - Appuyez et maintenez simultanément le bouton Volume Haut, le bouton d'Accueil et le bouton d'alimentation.

    • - Quand vous voyez le logo Galaxy s'afficher, relâchez le bouton d'alimentation, mais continuez à maintenir la touche Volume Haut et la touche d’Accueil enfoncées.

    • - Relâchez les quand l'écran System Recovery Android apparaît.

    • - Utilisez les touches de Volume haut / bas pour la navigation et la touche de mise sous tension pour OK.

    • - Choisissez "vider partition de cache", "Oui - supprimer toutes les données utilisateur", "redémarrer le système maintenant".

    • -Et c'est tout.

    Didn't work didn't give me option to delete all user data

    dthompson0916 - Réponse

    Me too and I've tried it so many times that I remember my password now! Lol

    So I guess it workd in a sense

    missfesterfan -

    I have done reset my phone to the factory setting as I forgot the Samsung account password. After resetting, tried to activate the phone again, but is still askes for Samsung account ID & password :(

    Does anyone has any solution????


    J Kurd - Réponse

    Is your samsung s5 fixed already??got same problem too..i forgot my samsung id

    kathzeemeaow -

    how to reset my mobile question

    muhmmadjaved603 -

    having same problem, i dont ever remember having a samsung account and it has no id for me when i enter my info. This step was never indicated on all the info i looked at regarding a factory reset following this horrible lollipop update

    Janice Lampkin - Réponse

    this worked for me perfectly ...thanks guys am really happy.

    ogwalrobine - Réponse

    Didn't work. I'm a truck driver, need my phone!

    donnamarie816 - Réponse

    You have to use the factory reset option if you forgot your password. Then i just bailed out of all the signing up for all the crap and got to the home screen, and now the phone is unlocked and no password.

    rpeterson64 - Réponse

    but did you lose all your pictures and contacts?

    elmolover88b -

    Didn't work I have a galaxyon5 from metro pcs

    Timothy Lang - Réponse

    it hasnt worked for me either... it randomly removed the print scanner last night / this morning and i can´t get on it

    skelseyzl9 - Réponse

    I brought my s5 , 2 years ago second hand how do i remove the previous owners samsung account obviously i dont have there password .


    jenjen85 - Réponse

    Mine does not even turn on up to the Samsung logo when pressing all three buttons

    Terence - Réponse

    didn't work although I did everything

    proberts2020 - Réponse

    i did this successfully but my up & down vol button didnt work, its like the screen freezez?

    i did this successfully but the screen freezez My vol buttons dont go up & down, they work perfect otherwise, can any1 please help me?

    a.doupis - Réponse

    Worked wonders thank you very much

    Christine Whitmire - Réponse

    If it's asking for samsung password then go to because either the previous owner or you when you got your phone registered this device through Samsung for warranty purposes. Once in you can call chat or enter

    Any email addresses you've used since you've had the phone. The email address is username and if it recognizes any of those then you can simply reset your password and that's what you will use on your phone. Otherwise just call give them your IMEI number for them to pull it up and they can reset it the password for you. That the factory reset instructions above does work. I had to do it about 3 times because I either didn't have all three buttons held at the same time or accidentally let off of one without realizing it or didn't let off of the power button when I should had. Once you get to the reboot page there are two different options for wiping data definitely pick the one that is wipe all data factory reset.

    Cass - Réponse

    If it freezes take the battery out about 10 seconds put it back in but do not turn on the phone. If it's still stuck on the same screen wait about 5 or 10 minutes and it will go off it may take some time. Try the factory reset steps above again. It works it just may take a few times and you will have access to your contacts and pictures if you have been saving them to some sort of cloud or Google account and if there is a Samsung account your contacts are definitely stored and other data will be too. Unfortunately I had to do this and was worried everything would be gone but Google backed everything up except some of my photos but my phone ran so much faster afterwards so it wasn't a complete loss

    Cass - Réponse

    I would like to say happily , it worked first time I tried - following instructions to the letter! Surprisingly, all my pics and messages etc are still on the phone! Plus I did it without taking the battery out or anything.Thanks

    Elaine Hunter - Réponse

    All you need to do is start up in safe mode and there will be a password reset at the start up. To go into safe mode hold your power button until the Samsung logo pops up then release and hold volume down button until your start screen pops up then you're in safe mode.

    Travis Pierce - Réponse

    Great Worked first time Thankyou

    Trish - Réponse

    hi my phone lock went samsung account help me openit

    ravendra - Réponse

    hi phone lock went samsung account place help me

    ravendra - Réponse

    Hallo habe den Reset gemacht und jetzt zeigt es mir nur das Samsung Logo an und ladet wie lange könnte das dauern in etwa ????

    Sascha Egger - Réponse


Pour remonter votre appareil, suivez les étapes dans l'ordre inverse.

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Very easy steps to follow, and it worked perfectly. Life saver, thanks a lot.

Scootie - Réponse

how to reset

muhmmadjaved603 -

To remove your screen lock on Samsung, this article gives three methods:

Lucious Nicole -

I did a factory hard reset, and it requires me to enter my samsung account information. I know what that information is, but for some reason samsung has no record of me! I don't think it will do me any good to re-do the factory hard reset. I'm being told I now have a paper weight. Any other ideas to bypass this?

Penny Maurer -

@Penny, if you can’t use this way to unlock Samsung phone password, you can try another method to unlock Samsung phone password, with Samsung Unlock, you can unlock Samsung password in several clicks, and detailed guide, easy operation.

Salim -

I have a samsung account but my phone has mobile data and wifi switched off! what can I do, I don't want to do a reset.

amy cross - Réponse

I also have this problem! What can i do??

Gm Allians -

Instead of wipe cache partition, you the factory wipe choice above it and it will give the option of yes

yingsuhe - Réponse

Is there a way to get into the phone without losing the data that's already on it. I'm trying to get access to text messages?

jarrodroberts22 - Réponse

me too Its really annoying that I forgot my password after all these years

InfoDCook -

You can also enter the wrong pin 10 times. The phone will erase and return to factory reset.

gasstationman2 - Réponse

You can also enter the wrong pin 10 times. The phone will unlock, erase, and reset to the factory settings.

gasstationman2 - Réponse

not always, you would have to manually turn that on. when i had my IPhone I turned that off so that would not happen

Aspen McBride -

Will I loosen min contacts on my online carrier website as well how can I keep my contacts if I reset it

tj Ellison - Réponse

Yes worked a gem!

Jessica Montague - Réponse

I have traded my phone for a galaxy5s but I do not know what the password is

Tiffany Taylor - Réponse

After selecting the option"reboot now" the phone asks to "choose a package to install:/cache/recovery" what am I supposed to choose???

shamsulhaque517 - Réponse

Easy, but hate losing all my info.

nnadeb - Réponse

This works perfectly, thanks.

Sincere Ceo - Réponse

Thx so much i had to reset 3 accounts but it was so worth it

badbae 101 - Réponse

how much data will i loose?

Sheherbano Abbas - Réponse

Thanks! Just perfect!

mirama17 - Réponse


Please I have issues with my Phone

Samsung Galaxy S5 - he screen is broken and is black now , it's no longer displaying. The screen is locked.

The phone is till turning on as it vibrates and make sound when text messages comes in.

Please how will I be able to copy my data out with the above conditions?


Shade - Réponse

my s7 is doing the same smh

InfoDCook -

Pero luego de eso recuerda que hay que ingresar la cuenta de Google. Y sino la recuerdas tienes que hacerle bypass, yo lo hago con OTG y el apk instalado en una USB es bastante sencillo y lo eh probado hasta con el S6 edge. Igual gracias por tu aporte

Manuel Cifuentes - Réponse

Samsung Lock Screen Removal, which is an all-in-one data recovery tool for almost all Samsung Galaxy devices. With the help of this program, you can not only restore the lost and deleted content like photos, videos, contacts, call logs, messages, WhatsApp chats and more from your Samsung Galaxy device including Samsung Galaxy S/Note/A/J/ON/Tab, but also one click to fix a bricked Samsung and unlock your Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab without losing data.

So, you can easily bypass Samsung Galaxy S5 lock screen fingerprint, PIN, pattern and password by using this tool without losing data.

Video Guide:

lineking - Réponse

no command? whats the meaning of this? my phone hasn't back up yet

seng park - Réponse

Samsung Galaxy Frozen on Startup? Here Is the Solution.Please learn the guide about How to Fix a Frozen Samsung Galaxy

Remove Samsung Locked Screen without Password

KIKIMAY - Réponse

Android Lock Screen Removal can help you directly bypass Samsung lock screen, including pattern, PIN, password and fingerprints, which takes up to five minutes.

fbiwoie - Réponse

Bypass Samsung Lock Screen Pattern, Pin, Password and Fingerprint

vibershare - Réponse

Hi, did the reset with the buttons, worked a treat, many thanks.

George Georgiou - Réponse

please help me my Samsung j5 I see the screen DOWNLOADING DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET...what should I do? even I try to off can't work

Ana rose helado - Réponse

please help me my Samsung j5 can't work even I turn off I see in the screen DOWNLOADING DI NOT TURN OFF TARGET..what should I do?

Ana rose helado - Réponse

I want to know

stevenjone - Réponse

hi i don"t want to lose my data and i forget my password on galaxy S5.

do you have any solution?.please inbox me through

kalebtadele - Réponse

i have samsung s5 and i forgot private pin protection. how can I get it. Thanks

aggrey209 - Réponse

Hi, to remove Samsung password ,screen lock, read it :

Tamseerty - Réponse

I've done this and it's just saying Samsung what do I do now? It's taking forever to load now? If it will ever load? I've wiped it like stated but now the phone won't go past Samsung x

leanne barrett - Réponse

I forgot my password of Samsung galaxy e5 which I was set on display high security password so plz help me for break my password without reset of my all data of my phn so help me for unlock my phn screen lock

Gini - Réponse

I forgot the PIN of my Samsung Galaxy j1 mini

please Help me to fix this problem

znen12 - Réponse

Help please my son has locked me out of my Samsung phone it has pictures of my late dad on it so I don't want to wipe it please help

Karen - Réponse

As you may be very clear that factory reset in recovery mode or Google Find My Device can result in data loss, for they need to erase your device. Certainly it will be a big headache to you that lose any important data. Luckily we have another alternative to bypass your lock screen which will not lose any data in your Samsung.

Android Lock Screen Removal is a worthy toolkit for your Samsung device to bypass screen at any time under any cases. Follow the guide to unlock the screen without hesitation.

KaylaDavis - Réponse

my samsung bold has been stolen and i purchased a samsung 5 with same number same contract and it requires my password and i dont remember it?

elsathursfield - Réponse

Works greatly, thanks for your help. Simple steps to follow and it actually works, just finished unlocking my forgotten password.

ope726 - Réponse

What if you need access to your fingerprint scanner but can't remember backup pin

creative name - Réponse

I really appreciate you guys for

This site has really helped me tremendously

Farnue - Réponse

Boop boop boop boop it works lol lol lol

Destinee Champs - Réponse

Galaxy S5 mini : aucune fois ne propose de pouvoir se connecter sur Google avec son compte, le téléphone dit d’attendre mais ne propose rien de plus. Après, j’ai tenté le reboot usine, avec les boutons différents expliqués ci-dessus. Echec sur échec, donc toujours bloqué ! C’est un portable qu’on m’a filé mais la personne ne se souvient plus de son mot de passe et a changé ses identifiants google… Résultat : un tel qui ne sert à rien, et je déteste le gâchis ! ça ne fonctionne pas du tout, aucune des étapes ne fonctionnent !

nicolasdurand22 - Réponse

hola una pregunta al hacer esos pasos , también se borran los documentos guardados, en el teléfono??? contesten no quiero perder mis archivos

emirnoe2.0 - Réponse

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