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2 year old TV would not power up one day, after doing online research I found out that it could be the a blown internal fuse $.99, or the power board, around $70 on Ebay. Fortunately in my case it was the fuse (ft8ah250vp) that gave up, and after an hour of work, I had it up and running.


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  1. Step 1 - Remove all 42 screws from back cover. Remove top center screw last, it will help to hold the panel in place during removal of other screws.
    • Step 1 - Remove all 42 screws from back cover. Remove top center screw last, it will help to hold the panel in place during removal of other screws.

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  2. WARNING!!! DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING INSIDE. Even after disconnected from the power outlet, the capacitors are electrical components capable of storing electrical energy. Some can have the same energy as a defibrillator and could easily stop your heart. WARNED!!!
    • WARNING!!! DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING INSIDE. Even after disconnected from the power outlet, the capacitors are electrical components capable of storing electrical energy. Some can have the same energy as a defibrillator and could easily stop your heart. WARNED!!!

    • There are 5 fuses total, make sure to remove them from the holder and check for continuity with a multimeter.

    • If all test Ok, you might need to have the Power board replaced.

    Most capacitors store electrical charges for seconds, at the most. Never work on a tv while it is plugged in it. But unplugging it and leaving it for 5-10 minutes will ensure that the capacitors and electrical components have drained their charge.

    zachary mikell - Réponse

    hi am having a problem with my sanyo tv. the standby mode disappeared and i tried to turn it on but i could'nt. can anyone be of help please

    lydia sey - Réponse

    I'd like to thankyou for this guide as it cost me nothing to fix my Sanyo TV. My kids have the 50 inch for their Xbox and last week it stopped working. I work away so they had to wait for me to get home from work. 2 days ago i removed the back and checked the fuses recommended by another website and they were fine so I assumed it was something worse. I was going to put the TV out on the street for someone but thought i'd check the internet once more. I found this article where it stated 5 fuses so I started to remove the screws again and as i bent down to do the left hand side of the TV i noticed a small black button on the side.

    My first thought was.. surely not. So i plugged in the TV pressed the small button and on came the TV. So i gathered the family around the TV and we all banged our heads together. We all new about the on off switch on the right hand side but not the left.

    Anyway thx again even though the solution was not on this page it did help fix it.

    ozzyneil - Réponse

    • That's the one that I found faulty. Just Remove it with a pair of needle-nose pliers and replace with a new one (ft8ah250vp).

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    • TV up and running... and the best part was that it only cost me less than a dollar to get it repaired!!!!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This was very helpful. I have the same TV on which the same fuse blew. Thanks. Glad it was a simple fix. Would have bought a new TV if it wasn't for this guide.

merrymaryjane70 - Réponse

I want to say thank you as well. I was so upset when ours quit working, it made me sick thinking about spending the money to replace this TV after just 2 years of use. Thank you for the excellent guide that saved me hundreds of dollars.

Rob -

My Sanyo model dp50747 is close to the pictured unit, but not exact. The text lists 5 fuses, the picture shows 4, and in actuality there are 6. 1 T1AH250V, 1 T4AH250V, 2 T6.3AH250V, and 2 T10AH250V are the ones in my television. The guide suggested ft8ah250vp which is not even in my set. But, I removed all of my fuses and tested each one. The 4AH was bad. Currently waiting for it to be delivered. I think this will work. What this guide really did for me was to inspire the confidence that this is an easy fix. We shall see... Oh, and if you are wondering, each fuse is clearly labeled on the board as to what size each one is and where each one goes. I did have to buy a $1 pair of reading glasses to read the fuses, but it was worth the buck.

Steve Wright - Réponse

Hi Steve, I currently having a problem with the same Sanyo model dp50747 (manufactured in 2007) but was wondering if there are any similarities in the problem I'm having with my TV and the one you were having with yours. Mine will power up normally where you can actually see the small green power indicator illuminate at the power button and then screen change from black to a gray color. But I get no sound and cannot access the tv menu. TV Repair tech came out and estimated $400+ (includes $80 service call, parts & labor) to replace the 'main board', which I assume is the power board, but said he didn't think the board that is needed was even made anymore for this model. He also said the refurbished replacement would only carry a 90 days warranty. So, if it's not the fuse(s) that have gone out, I'm going to have to make a decision to $400+ to try and fix a TV I can't get parts for or just scrap it out for usable parts. I hope it just a fuse(s). Thanks for sharing you success. Greg 07/23/11

Greg House -

thank you so much for the info. we had our tv fixed within a day for around $20. we did have a problem finding a store that sold the correct fuses. ended up finding an electrician warehouse that sold them in bulk so we ended up with extras (and we're $5/fuse), and eventually found them at sutherlands. so after my husband ran all over town he found what we needed within a half mile of the house. but we were just thankful it was a cheap easy fix. thanks so much for this post w/ the pics, they helped a lot!

hollie1654 - Réponse

Greg House please read what i have done it. do not waste your money. That is toooooooo much. I have no knowledge about fixing Tv's but after I followed this instruction i could bin point the problem. open and look the power Board the capacitors has sign--|-- kind of plus sign if it is pushed up replace it. Just remove the 6 screws and take it to repairman and tell them please replace only the capacitors and i do not need waranty. then go electronic store buy these fuses and replace all might be only 4 fuses like mine

and read the

---Step 3

That's the one that I found faulty. Just Remove it with a pair of needle-nose pliers and replace with a new one (ft8ah250vp).

Shibis -

I can never thank you enough. I followed your instruction. I had 9 capasitors burned. I did not take my tv to repairman but i removed the power board and i took it Mexican tv repair located in North West Corner 7th St and Southern Ave Phoenix. before that i called 4-5 repair they all said you have to bring the tv $50 to look at it and extra for the fix where the Store just said pay $45 with no waranty. I replaced went Fry's Electronics bought 8A Fast Blow Fuses $3.99 i replaced all the fuses and everything works. Now i can watch my TV just with One Click to turn on Thank you Sooooooooooooooooooo much.

Shibis - Réponse

I replaced my bad capacitors (9) then i put everything back together and the screen is black and in the middle from side to side there is a rectangle with lines going through it. the screen used to just turn on the turn off within seconds. now it stays on and this happens. what is the problem now?

bryan - Réponse

Our Sanyo 50747 just blew a lamp(bulb). Can anyone tell me where it is located? Going to try to replace it myself, since the replacement bulb cost $150+. Thanks!

Lou Ann - Réponse

Thank you!! This repair saved our TV for $2.00 with replacing the fuse. This guide was very informational & helpful.

Natasha - Réponse

Very simple guide thank you save lot of money

nestor - Réponse

Perhaps you guys can help me , I was removing the bottom stand to hang TV on wall the stand came out a little crooked & when I got it up and running I had a blackout on the left side of the screen top to bottom about 12" in from the left side & after a while it warmed up we had a bunch of different colored lines r.o.y.g.b.i.v. in the same spot as the black out was.

It does this when the cable box hooked up or not ,

It shows up over the menu screen ,s over everything Once it cools down it goes back to just 12" of black screen from left side , however the rest of the TV screen works fine .

.Fine if you don't mind watching 3/4 of a TV screen, & It is driving my wife crazy. & as all of us married men know... "Unhappy wife = Unhappy life"


P.S. Screen is not, cracked , it was not dropped or jarred at all The only thing I can think of is the bottom stand may have hit something inside when it came out crooked

NeverEVER.. remove 50" TV stand when you're by yourself ..!!!

pumpman1967 - Réponse

Here's my "two cents" after my Sanyo DP50747 stopped working. The power light did not come on at all. After checking the 110VAC supply and cord, Googled "Sanyo DP50747 repair". I found lots of stuff, including this web page. I decided to follow it because I didn't want to get into the high voltage stuff. Download the service manual for your TV. Using Google, I found http://elektrotanya.com/sanyo_dp50747.pd... and clicked GET MANUAL to download the 52 page manual.

1. Using Page 5, remove the screws and put them in dessert dishes to keep the three types separate.

2. Remove and test each fuse. For safety, I wore a vinyl "surgical glove" so that I wasn't touching the needle nose pliers I used. I put some masking tape over the tips of the pliers to help prevent my accidentally crushing a fuse while squeezing and pulling.

(due to text size limits, this comment is continued in my next post)

Larry Schwartz - Réponse

(continued from above)

3. Using the multimeter set on its lowest ohms setting, check each fuse for somewhat less than 2 ohms. If one is blown, it will show the highest level resistance for the setting on the meter.

4. All of my fuses were OK! Now what? Acting on the assumption that removing and replacing the fuses was like "kicking" a non-working machine, I reassembled the TV. The power light came on. Next, I started the service menu shown on page 3 and went thru options 086 to about 110. They all matched the values shown on page 4.

5. I closed the service menu and voila! Everything worked.

I wouldn't have tried this without the help of the web page, so somehow, Andre created my miracle.

Larry Schwartz - Réponse

Back of my sanyo is different. I replaced the 10a,4a and 1 a on power board and same outcome. It just clicks and doesn't turn on..need help!

southpole19 - Réponse

I replaced fuses on power board and it still clicks once and doesn't come on..need help!

southpole19 - Réponse

Hello....My name is Heather and I'm so upset ...I borrowed my Grams Tv...

It's a Sanyo 32 in smart tv w/ a built in DVD player...were I live...the cable cord had no screw in so I cut it down and taped it into the back of my tv....it start to sizzle today...I went to adjust it and the screen went blank....please help...can't afford to buy her a new one..let alone me one...please please help ..thank u

heather snyder - Réponse

Installed new power supply board.TV is still clicking off and on.now what?

Celeste - Réponse

Installed new power supply board. TV is still clicking on and off immediately. Now what?

Celeste - Réponse

Good day. Please i have a old modern sharp tv, if i replace a fuse in a power circut but it always spack, please help me to know what i will check next please.

yahayam74 - Réponse

Good day.please i have an old modern sharp tv power circut if i replace a fuse but it always spack, please help me to know what to do next please.

yahayam74 - Réponse

I found the fuse at the Micro Center in Brooklyn, NY 11232. A five pack for ~$5. Popped it in my Sanyo 50749 and it worked!!! Thank you Andre!!!

anna oeste - Réponse

+I have a Sanyo model FW32DO6F 2016 year. Push power button, nothing, not even red led light on front comes up. Removed power supply

(#BA4AFSG0201). Could not find fuse or fuses. Could not find any other problem on board. Does anyone out there have any ideas or info on what to do, look for or whatever? Any thing would be appreciated.

fterry1 - Réponse

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