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Sanyo dp50747 Plasma TV fuse replacement and power board check

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  1. Sanyo dp50747 Plasma TV fuse replacement and power board check, Fuse - Power Board: étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • Step 1 - Remove all 42 screws from back cover. Remove top center screw last, it will help to hold the panel in place during removal of other screws.

  2. Sanyo dp50747 Plasma TV fuse replacement and power board check: étape 2, image 1 de 1
    • Caution: Before you remove the motherboard, be cautious of the many capacitors throughout that could cause serious injury. Use a discharge probe to safely rid the capacitors of dangerous charges.

    • Wearing electrically insulated gloves and rubber soled shoes while working with and near the capacitors ensures greater safety and protection against electric shock. See iFixit's Project Safety page for additional safety information.

    • There are 5 fuses total, make sure to remove them from the holder and check for continuity with a multimeter.

    • If all test Ok, you might need to have the Power board replaced.

  3. Sanyo dp50747 Plasma TV fuse replacement and power board check: étape 3, image 1 de 1
    • That's the one that I found faulty. Just Remove it with a pair of needle-nose pliers and replace with a new one (ft8ah250vp).

  4. Sanyo dp50747 Plasma TV fuse replacement and power board check: étape 4, image 1 de 1
    • TV up and running... and the best part was that it only cost me less than a dollar to get it repaired!!!!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This was very helpful. I have the same TV on which the same fuse blew. Thanks. Glad it was a simple fix. Would have bought a new TV if it wasn't for this guide.

merrymaryjane70 - Réponse

I want to say thank you as well. I was so upset when ours quit working, it made me sick thinking about spending the money to replace this TV after just 2 years of use. Thank you for the excellent guide that saved me hundreds of dollars.

Rob -

My Sanyo model dp50747 is close to the pictured unit, but not exact. The text lists 5 fuses, the picture shows 4, and in actuality there are 6. 1 T1AH250V, 1 T4AH250V, 2 T6.3AH250V, and 2 T10AH250V are the ones in my television. The guide suggested ft8ah250vp which is not even in my set. But, I removed all of my fuses and tested each one. The 4AH was bad. Currently waiting for it to be delivered. I think this will work. What this guide really did for me was to inspire the confidence that this is an easy fix. We shall see... Oh, and if you are wondering, each fuse is clearly labeled on the board as to what size each one is and where each one goes. I did have to buy a $1 pair of reading glasses to read the fuses, but it was worth the buck.

Steve Wright - Réponse

Hi Steve, I currently having a problem with the same Sanyo model dp50747 (manufactured in 2007) but was wondering if there are any similarities in the problem I'm having with my TV and the one you were having with yours. Mine will power up normally where you can actually see the small green power indicator illuminate at the power button and then screen change from black to a gray color. But I get no sound and cannot access the tv menu. TV Repair tech came out and estimated $400+ (includes $80 service call, parts & labor) to replace the 'main board', which I assume is the power board, but said he didn't think the board that is needed was even made anymore for this model. He also said the refurbished replacement would only carry a 90 days warranty. So, if it's not the fuse(s) that have gone out, I'm going to have to make a decision to $400+ to try and fix a TV I can't get parts for or just scrap it out for usable parts. I hope it just a fuse(s). Thanks for sharing you success. Greg 07/23/11

Greg House -

thank you so much for the info. we had our tv fixed within a day for around $20. we did have a problem finding a store that sold the correct fuses. ended up finding an electrician warehouse that sold them in bulk so we ended up with extras (and we're $5/fuse), and eventually found them at sutherlands. so after my husband ran all over town he found what we needed within a half mile of the house. but we were just thankful it was a cheap easy fix. thanks so much for this post w/ the pics, they helped a lot!

hollie1654 - Réponse

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