The mechanism deck is responsible for turning the tape at the correct speed so that your recordings record and playback properly. This guide shows you how to replace the mechanism deck and get your microcassette-corder back in working order.

  1. Using a spudger, apply pressure towards the back corner of the cassette compartment to the plastic tab directly behind the gold cone.
    • Using a spudger, apply pressure towards the back corner of the cassette compartment to the plastic tab directly behind the gold cone.

    • Pushing the tab allows the hinge to be separated from the body of the device.

    • The third picture shows the what the tab looks like when the device is disassembled, and illustrates the direction to apply pressure.

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  2. Next, use a plastic opening tool to pull the metal latch towards the speaker.
    • Next, use a plastic opening tool to pull the metal latch towards the speaker.

    • The latch should be clear of the slot in the cassette lid.

    • Be careful not to bend the latch too far, as it may warp.

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    • Carefully lift the cassette lid, making sure the tab and latch are free from connection.

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    • Find the arrow on the battery cover on the back of the device.

    • While pressing down on the arrow, slide the cover towards the bottom of the recorder until it clicks.

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    • Lift the cover and remove the batteries.

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    • Remove the battery cover by first tilting it so it is at a right angle with the rest of the device.

    • Next, twist it to the side as shown in the second picture. The lid should simply snap off.

    • Be careful not to apply too much force, as the lid may break.

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    • Use a #00 Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four (1.7x16 mm) screws from the back case.

    • Next, use the same screwdriver to unscrew the (1.7X5 mm) screw, which is located inside the battery compartment.

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    • Use a spudger to push in the two tabs located on the bottom of the device.

    • It works best to push the tabs at an upward angle (towards the top of the battery compartment)

    • It may take a decent amount of force in order to push in the tabs.

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    • With a firm grip on the larger half, remove the back cover by lifting first on the battery area.

    • The back cover should lift cleanly off.

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    • Using tweezers, pull upward on the black tape which secures the wires.

    • Removing this tape allows you to move the wires out of the way for the next step.

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    • Desolder all wires connecting components to the motherboard.

    • Be careful to not melt the solder points together.

    • A red wire and a blue wire connect the motor to the motherboard.

    • Two black wires connect the speaker to the motherboard.

    • A red wire and a black wire connect the microphone to the motherboard.

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    • After desoldering the microphone connections, pull the microphone straight out from the device and set aside.

    • Be careful not to tear the wires off of the microphone.

    • Removing the microphone gives you access to the green ribbon cable that connects to the mechanism deck.

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    • Desolder the 4 connections of the green ribbon cable.

    • Pull upward on the green ribbon cable to separate it from the motherboard.

    • Be careful when pulling up the film as it may tear.

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    • Using a #00 Phillips screwdriver, remove the two 1.4x3 mm screws securing the motherboard.

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    • If the replacement motherboard does not have the wire battery terminals attached, desolder the two battery connections on the motherboard.

    • Leave the wire battery terminals in place.

    • If the replacement motherboard has battery terminals attached, the connections do not need to be desoldered.

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    • To remove the battery terminals, use a prying tool to push the lip of the metal wire towards the motherboard.

    • Lift up on the wire while the small lip is depressed and slide the wire terminals out of the plastic guides.

    • Be careful not to bend the wire terminals.

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    • Verify all of the connections have been desoldered and the screws removed.

    • Lift the motherboard upward to remove it from the microcassette-corder.

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    • First, remove the buttons from the mechanism deck so that you can remove it from the case.

    • Find the tabs on each button.

    • Push the tab with a spudger away from the metal connection.

    • Pull button away from the mechanism deck to remove it.

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    • Remove the mechanism deck by lifting the tab as shown.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I have to replace the capstan wheel of the driving mechanism. where do I get the above part? its Part NO. and app cost please. Thank you - Réponse

I have cassettes, but recorder is not functioning for want of the capstan wheel of driving mechanism. Can you please help me with information - Réponse

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