This will guide you in replacing the Power Button of a Sony VAIO VPCF 132FX.


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Remove all wires then flip the laptop
  • Remove all wires then flip the laptop

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Remove the battery
  • Remove the battery

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  • Remove the screws and flip it back.

you need to remove also all the screws from the bottom sides in order to detach the panel!

Dimitrios Vamv - Réponse

  • Lift the screen and slide your nail or any flat plastic to the side of the cover to unclip it.

  • Slide from the sides towards the center.

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  • Gently remove the wire of the Power Button.

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  • Unlock the Lock.

  • Unscrew the 3 Flat screws and remove the Media Board.

  • You may skip this step if replacing the Power Button.

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  • Unscrew the Power button.

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  • While pulling the button upwards and towards the left (left fingers), push the button inwards (right fingers) at the same time to remove it from its place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My power on button was broken where the part you depress was detached from the little circuit board because the plastic holder was broke. Rather than buy a new switch assembly I simply lined everything up in the case and use a liberal amount of RTV to hold everything in place. The RTV is flexible enough to allow the plunger to depress the switch on the board and then spring back into place. It has work great this way since I fixed it six months ago.

Mark - Réponse

I need a similar or identical part for my Sony VGN-TT130N notebook. Where can I find and purchase this power button assembly?

Gabriel Solnica - Réponse

Did you ever find where to buy the part?

Gina Helton -

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