How to disassemble the fan of a Sony Vaio VGN-S260 laptop


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  1. Flip the laptop over so the Vaio logo is facing down.
    • Flip the laptop over so the Vaio logo is facing down.

    • Locate the battery at the top and Find the release and unlock slides on the battery.

    • Slide the unlock tab to the unlock position.

    • Slide the release tab in the direction of the arrow, i.e. towards the unlock tab.

  2. With the tabs still in the unlock position, slide the battery away from the main case.
    • With the tabs still in the unlock position, slide the battery away from the main case.

    • Flip the computer over so the Vaio logo is facedown.

    • Unscrew the 2 screws next to the battery.

    • Flip the computer over again so the Vaio logo is face up.

    • Open the lid.

    • Press down on the outer gray shell around the keyboard.

    • Use the spudger to gently lift keyboard.

    • Do not pull up the keyboard too far as it is attached to a ribbon underneath.

    • Lift up lever underneath the ribbon to detach the keyboard.

    • Remove memory/wireless compartment cover.

    • Flip so the Vaio Logo is face down.

    • Locate and remove a total of 8 screws on the bottom.

    • Find and remove 5 screws (they all have arrows next to them) from cover.

    • Flip the laptop over so the Vaio logo is face up.

    • Use the spudger to pop up the upper casing.

    • Do not lift too much as the upper casing is attached to wires underneath.

    • Remove the wires that are attaching the upper casing to the motherboard.

    • Remove the upper casing.

    • Remove the screw holding the optical drive casing to the logic board.

    • Locate ribbon connecting optical drive case to logic board.

    • Pop off the ribbon.

    • Remove the metal PC-Card cage.

    • Remove the four screws holding the optical drive to the logic board.

    • Locate brown locking tab above optical drive.

    • Lift up on brown locking tab until ribbon is loose.

    • Gently slide out and remove the optical drive from the computer.

    • Remove the blue ribbon from the Ethernet Circuit Board.

    • Remove the screws near the Ethernet Port circuit board.

    • Remove the screws for the second ethernet circuit board.

    • Remove the ethernet ports.

    • Remove the screws holding the hard drive casing in place.

    • Find orange ribbon that is connected to the hard drive.

    • Find the holder of the ribbon and pop the ribbon off from it.

    • Remove the casing and the orange ribbon.

    • Locate the yellow power adapter.

    • Follow its wire to white logic board connector.

    • Pull out the wire from white logic board connector.

    • Locate the screws on the fan filter casing.

    • Remove these screws.

    • Remove the screw next to the yellow power adapter.

    • Lift out power adapter and fan filter.

    • Remove screws on the motherboard.

    • Remove the nut using a 5mm nut driver.

    • Using a magnetic screwdriver handle will also work as well.

    • Remove the LCD display ribbon with a nylon spudger.

    • This is difficult to remove.

    • Gently lift the motherboard from the laptop.

    • The motherboard will be attached to the network wireless chip, which is also attached to the base of the laptop.

    • Remove the chip by popping the tabs on the side.

    • Slide out the network card.

    • You are now free to take the motherboard away from the base.

    • Disconnect the fan wire from the logic board

    • Turn the logic board over and Locate the screws connecting the fan to the logic board

    • Remove these screws

    • Gently remove the fan from the logic board


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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