This repair shows how to replace digitizer on Sony Xperia go.

  1. Show here is a Sony xperia go with broken glass digitizer.
    • Show here is a Sony xperia go with broken glass digitizer.

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  2. Remove backcover, and remove all screws.
    • Remove backcover, and remove all screws.

    • 1 Torx screw

    • 7 star screws (don't know their name)

    • Note some of the screws have rubber spacers, use caution to avoid breaking them. (See second Picture in this step)

    • Remove sim card tray. (See third picture)

    4 screw has rubber spacer, not 2 :-)

    paacohu - Réponse

    Edited text to some instead of two, as the number varies

    lassedollerup - Réponse

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    • Now the front can be seperated from the back.

    • CAUTION! there are some doublesided tape blocks situated on top of the connectors to the digitizer.

    • Use spudger to seperate these carefully from eachother.

    • Now you can open the phone sideways. Once opened, please disconnect the battery, marked on third Picture with a yellow circle.

    • Now you can disconnect digitizer cable and screen cable, marked with red circles on third picture.

    • Now you will be able to remove the front from the back of the phone.

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    • Using a heat gun, heat around the edges and seperate the glass from the front cover. Work from bottom up.

    • Note the digitizer cable runs through a small hole behind the lcd, in the top of the phone.

    • When the glass is seperated, carefully lift the lcd a bit, to get the digitizer cable through the hole.

    • To protect the lcd from residue and fingerprints, cover it with masking tape, until you are ready to seal the glass to the cover.

    • When you have prepared new adhesive tape and the digitizer cable has been pulled through the hole to the backside of the phone.

    • Remove the masking tape from the lcd, and using some canned air, blow away dust and close the glass cover.

    • Finally reverse the disassembly and enjoy.

    What kind of adhesive to use to stick back the screen onto the phone?

    nerdyutet - Réponse

    I use 3m doublesided adhesive tape. You can buy them in rolls at cut them to fit.

    lassedollerup - Réponse

    It is also necessary to transfer a small foam spacer stuck around the frame of the digitizer from your old digitizer to the new one. There is also a plastic tab on at the bottom that should be transferred. Please notice this.

    Joszue - Réponse


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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can u make guide for installing loudspeaker please

anep tg - Réponse

Nice guide but, I only want to change front cover and back cover, because it´s damaged . If Open my xperia go, I will lost water proof and dust proof?

Juliano - Réponse

Hello sorry for my late reply.

I haven't had the chance to replace the loudspeaker, but earpiece is a square block, that you can pry out and replace, after you have seperated the front from the back.

lassedollerup - Réponse

Dissasembly will most likely break waterproof. Haven't tested.

lassedollerup - Réponse

Nice guide and easy to follow. Thank you.

alex jesty - Réponse

I followed your guide to replace the digitizer, problem is , after i replaced it, my phone wont turn on....any help?

navin117 - Réponse

Only advice is to open it again, and verify that all connectors are connected. Try bootĩng with charger plugged in.

lassedollerup -

Hi - super guide. I have replaced my digitizer no problem.

It wasn't all plain sailing though. I made a mistake (as a newbie) that I think might help others.

1: Before reassembly I wanted to check that the new digitizer would work. Very carefully I plugged the battery, lcd and digitizer back in and tried to boot up the phone. The parts weren't reassembled, simply arrange so I could get all the cables in.

On boot up the phone got stuck on the Sony screen. I assumed I'd somehow caught the phone in flash mode or something. This put me into a bit of a spin.

However, when I actually reassembled the phone it was fine - it booted up as normal. Perhaps their is a sensor somewhere that means the digitizer has to be over the lcd before the phone will work. Anyway. All sorted now thanks for the guide!

Ben - Réponse

What kind of adhesive needed to seal back the screen onto the phone?

nerdyutet - Réponse

Great guide - worked fine for me!

larsovekvalbein - Réponse

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