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    • Make sure your device is completely powered off, then start by placing you tablet face down and remove the charge port cover at the bottom of your tablet

    • Next, place the pry tool in between the black plastic and the back cover of the tablet. Run the pry tool along the edge until the plastic can be removed

    • Once the plastic cover is removed, using the same tool, pry off the headphone cover and switch cover on both sides of the tablet.

    • Using the screwdriver provided in the kit, remove all 10 screws on the back of the tablet

    • place the tablet facing upward and place the pry tool in between the screen and the back cover at the top left corner. Run the pry tool along the edge until the back cover can be removed.

    • Place the tablet facing down and using the pry tool, carefully, remove both wires that are crossing the battery from their ports.

    • Remove the small piece of tape (along with the wire that is connected to the tape) that is connect to the battery in the upper left hand corner of the battery.

    • Next, remove any screws that are holding the battery in place

    • Remove the connecting wire to the original battery

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    • Remove the original battery and replace in with the new battery [http://https Battery-Xperia-Tablet-SO-03E-SGP312JP dp B002NE4YPS]

    • Reconnect the battery into the port

    • Screw the battery back into place

    • Reconnect both wires that cross over the battery into their ports

    • Place the plastic cover back on (Make sure it clicks into place) and then strew the cover back into place (Do not forget the two screws at the bottom of the plastic cover)

    • Put the charging port cover back on

    • Put the headphone cover and the switch cover back into place on the side of the tablet

    • Finally, take the black plastic cover and push it back into place

    • Remove the original battery by hand and replace it with the new battery


If all the steps have been followed correctly, your device should have a new battery and be ready to go.

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