If one or a number of your keys are broken or cracked, causing malfunctions in operation or dangerous sharp edges, use this guide to safely replace them.

Remove the battery cover.
  • Remove the battery cover.

  • Remove the AAA batteries from the calculator.

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Remove the 5mm Philips #00 screw holding backup battery cover.
  • Remove the 5mm Philips #00 screw holding backup battery cover.

  • Remove the backup battery cover.

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  • Use plastic opening tool to remove the backup battery. Place the tool in the small cut-out next to the battery and pry the battery out.

  • Be careful, the backup battery is spring loaded and may shoot up when you remove it.

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  • Unscrew the six 7.5mm T6 screws on the back case. You will need to use a screwdriver with a long and skinny head.

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  • Pry back case off. Insert the plastic opening tool in the track for the protective cover and pry the halves of the case apart.

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  • Keep the screen face-down during this step. Only the motherboard is attached to the face-plate and the screen may fall out.

  • Remove the eight (8) 5mm Philips #00 screws on the motherboard.

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  • Carefully remove the motherboard and screen. Grab the board by its side with one hand and the screen with the other. Carefully lift the two parts up.

    • Keep the face-plate face-down to prevent the keys from falling out.

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  • Remove light gray rubber keyboard mat.

  • Keep your calculator face down to ensure the individual keys do not fall out.

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  • Clean the contacts on the keyboard with a soft cloth.

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  • Use tweezers to remove one key at a time.

  • Be sure to keep them organized if you are taking out multiple keys.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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