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If the screen of your watch has an undamaged screen that won't light up or the battery won't keep its charge, then this replacement guide is what you need. It details how to take apart your TomTom Runner watch so that you can replace the entire battery. This guide is also useful for completely replacing the Back Panel.

  1. TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide, Wristband: étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • First, lift the bottom part of the band to start removing the wristband from the button area of the watch.

    Grundsätzlich vielen Dank für diese Anleitung, Akkutausch hat gut geklappt! Aber warum ich den unter “Werkzeuge” aufgeführten T5 Schraubendreher kaufen soll, der dann gar nicht gebraucht wird, ist mir unverständlich. Zum Glück war der gerade nicht lieferbar und ich habe es so probiert. Auch den Ausbau des Vibrationsmotors habe ich mir gespart, der Akku ließ sich auch so tauschen. Hilfreicher wäre ein Hinweis gewesen, wie das Kabel des Akkus aus- und wieder eingebaut wird (ist auch auf euren Bildern überhaupt nicht zu sehen). War aber relativ einfach abzuziehen und wieder rein zu drücken.

    Axel Motz - Réponse

  2. TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide: étape 2, image 1 de 2 TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide: étape 2, image 2 de 2
    • Continue to lift up on the band until the screen of the watch becomes loose from the band.

    • You may need to apply a small amount of force downward on the face of the screen.

    • Continue to pull up on the wristband until it is completely off the watch.

  3. TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide, Back Panel: étape 3, image 1 de 1
    • Grab the watch once it is separated from the wristband.

  4. TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide: étape 4, image 1 de 1
    • Flip over the watch and remove the four 3.0 mm Torx head screws with a T4 Torx head screwdriver.

  5. TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide: étape 5, image 1 de 2 TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide: étape 5, image 2 de 2
    • Remove the two 3.0 mm Torx screws from the front. Use a T4 Torx screwdriver to remove the screws.

    • The two 3.0 mm Torx screws are painted blue at the end. These screws have screw holders around them that will also need to be removed.

    • Unscrew the screws from the front of the watch casing and the screw holders fall out from the back of the watch casing.

  6. TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide: étape 6, image 1 de 2 TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide: étape 6, image 2 de 2
    • Gently pull the back panel away from the front panel.

    • Do not to pull too fast or too hard. There are red and black wires connected to the vibrator component that should not be ripped.

  7. TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide: étape 7, image 1 de 2 TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide: étape 7, image 2 de 2
    • Gently wiggle the black box vibrator component away from the back panel with your fingers or a Spudger tool.

    • Be gentle with the red and black wires. You do not want them to rip or pop out.

    • The vibrator component is the small black box with the silver metal part at end. The black box is glued down, so it will take a little force to free it and it will be sticky.

  8. TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide, Battery: étape 8, image 1 de 3 TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide, Battery: étape 8, image 2 de 3 TomTom Runner Battery  Replacement Guide, Battery: étape 8, image 3 de 3
    • Grab the back panel and a blue, plastic opening tool to pry the black battery pack off the back panel.

    • The battery pack is glued down, so it will be a bit sticky and harder to get off.

    • After removing the battery, you are ready to replace it with a new one.

    • If you need to replace the back panel, you are ready to take out the old battery and place it in the new back panel.

    Where to buy a new battrey

    Flisly Moh - Réponse

    oh that’s a good question - where to buy a battery! also…. maybe different all together question - my watch face shows a battery with a line through it like it’s “dead” waiting now over a week for it to actually “die” so I might try recharging it. When it’s on the charger it shows the time and that it’s charging, but it never get’s “full,” and when I unplug it from the charger I get the battery with a line through it Icon not what time it actually is…. could you help with this question?

    wbly - Réponse

    You can get batteries for various smart watches on ebay

    Neil Danner - Réponse

    What is the batteries' type or model?

    NT Phong - Réponse

    I see battery for sale AHB322028 with 0.7Wh, is that the correct one ?

    Henk - Réponse

    For anyone else finding this guide and who has a Runner 2 note the following:

    This guide does *not* apply directly to the Runner 2, although the Runner is very similar.

    Differences and points to note:

    - The battery for the runner 2/3 can be found on AliExpress under code PP332737.

    - The Runner 2 uses T5 torx screws, 6 of them.

    - Danger: The battery connector on the watch motherboard is fragile and not easily seperated from the socket on the motherboard. Be very careful — I ended up pulling the socket and connector clean off the board, ruining the watch.

    Other than that it was fairly easy to open, and although I did loosen it as per the above instructions, I don’t think you have to loosen the vibrator component.

    I suspect with slightly more patience and care I would’ve successfully replaced the battery and not bricked my watch.

    Walter - Réponse

    Die Anleitung ist gut und einfach zu verstehen. Aber wie komme ich an einen neuen Akku für die TomTom Runner 2 ?

    Holger Schäpers - Réponse

    Sehr gute Anleitung!

    “Wenn der Akku draußen ist, kannst du ihn gegen einen neuen austauschen. “

    Frage: Wie bringe ich die beiden Drähte am besten wieder an? Mit Sekundenkleber oder sind da Schräubchen?

    Vielen Dank im voraus!

    Frank E. - Réponse

    Exactly, same question … where do you buy the battery? The guide to carefully opening the TomTom gps runner watch is excellent, especially with the right tools. Now, all I need to know is where to buy the replacement battery. The dead battery is wireless, 2 thin metal strips designating + and - also this is its serial number SP332230 ABL S45 28 N60323. I assume the first series of digits SP332230 is key serial number.

    klyoshiura - Réponse

    I followed this guide to open up my TomTom Spark 3. Differences are:

    -There are only 6 screws in the back to remove.

    -No need to remove or loosen the vibrator component: it is almost totally out of the way of the battery (sitting just next to it)

    -Be careful prying apart the two sides: not only is the battery connected to the board but there is also flat copper tape between them!

    -Pull upwards to remove the battery connector (on the vertical axis) rather than as if you were sliding it out

    -With the particular battery I had, the wires were slightly larger than the original ones, so a bit finicky to find space for them in the watch - but it is possible!

    This was the battery I ordered. It arrived 3 months later, so be patient… So far it is working ok, hasn’t lost a crazy amount of charge overnight like the original battery was doing! :)

    Arno Ylhaisi - Réponse

    I also forgot to mention some things…

    The battery is most likely NOT waterproof anymore after going through this procedure, although I did attempt to reposition the O-ring (whatever it’s called) as best as I could. I will avoid using it when swimming and showering in the future just in case…

    When the new battery was connected and positioned, it helped me a lot to do this to ensure everything was ok:

    -Close the watch as much as possible and connect to charger. Observe screen to see if it is functioning normally.

    -If normal, remove charger and observe if screen changes from charging icon to normal screen

    -If ok, start screwing everything together and fitting the battery wires in while watching the screen at all times to ensure it doesn’t lose connection while you are putting it all back together.

    Arno Ylhaisi -


This guide is complete when you have successfully removed the battery from the back panel. To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Ready to replace the battery. Would you happen to know where one can get a replacement battery?



Dan G - Réponse

where can you get a replacement battery for a tomtom watch 8rgo

john cash - Réponse

Very nice explaination. Would be good to mention the replacementbattery.

Very hard to find on the www.

Anyone found out already?

Know it’s lithium polymer with capacity of 190 mAh / 3,7V

When size is known, a replacement must be somewere.

Daan Ouwehand - Réponse

Can someone advise where we can purchase these batteries

sheldon Reddy - Réponse

Anyone know where can i buy this battery?

Edu Depetris - Réponse

Hi, I found and ordered the replacement battery here:

Or you can search elsewhere for 3.7V 190mAh battery, code 322028 (digits 3, 20 and 28 mean the dimensions 3mmx20mmx28mm)

Hope it helps…

Milan Dudik -

Just an FYI, the current software is a battery hog. I was getting only about 3 hours of cycling time with the music playing on blue tooth and my heart rate being monitored. the fix: I chatted with customer care and they rolled me back to the 1.3.255 version. So far the battery life is much improved. You give up the latest features but all I want is what came in the box

My watch is 3 years old so I know the battery will die soon. The link send me to a page where you have to order 10 batteries or even 50

philip patinka - Réponse


My battery died very soon after I charged. I ordered a new one on Ali Express. Changing the old one went very well. Now charging. I’ll let you know about the result.

The battery I ordered:

lucvanmil - Réponse

This might be an appropriate battery, but need to check the size / shape before I buy and try it out.

Will let you know…

Edward Venison - Réponse

Sabe usted si a alguien le funciono ese modelo???

Gaso26 -

Very, very happy! I have a TomTom Spark 3 and the only change to these steps for the TomTom Runner is that you are unable to completely disconnect the backing plate completely as it remains joined via a ribbon connector for the optical heart rate sensor.

You still remove the black box vibrator component and then you are able to get in behind the battery to pry it out. Just be careful to not break the ribbon connector.

I ordered a replacement battery from Ali Express “Battery for TomTom Spark 3 Watch New Li-Polymer Polymer Rechargeable Accumulator Pack Replacement 3.7V 280mAh PP332727+Trackable”

Also, it wasn’t clear how to disconnect the battery connector… I worked out that it pops out by prying it upwards. The new battery then just snaps back into place.


Benjamin - Réponse


echt gute Anleitung, aber ohne eine eindeutige Bezugsquelle für eine Ersatzbatterie hilft die nur zum Öffnen und Entfernen des Akkus, aber was dann? Wenn es keinen Ersatzakku zu kaufen gibt, ist die beste Anleitung nutzlos.

Vielleicht kann man die noch nachreichen, dann ist die Anleitung perfekt.

Gruß Erich

Erich Kirch - Réponse

Hi, sind wir vielleicht schon fündig geworden? Dieses Produkt vielleicht getestet?

MaxMulti -

Ist bekannt, wo dieses Akkus zu kaufen sind? Can someone advise where we can purchase these batteries

MaxMulti - Réponse


I bought this one at AliExpress for my TomTom Runner 2 Cardio and the battery totally fits but, be aware, the polarity is inverted. I had to pay an electronics technician to change the battery wiring. The connection plug is not symmetrical, which means that turning the wire isn’t enough, you need to change the connector.

Overall, it’s still a good deal, since I love this watch and payed around €22 for the battery and the technician.

I’ll post again once I charge the battery and evaluate how long it’ll run.

alvarogois - Réponse

Got the runner 3. Found this inside

If link is dead: AHB332824HPS (3.8V, 230 mAh, .9Wh)

dr.seidel - Réponse

Hi where do I find a replacement battery for the tom tom watch

jason1960 - Réponse

Hallo zusammen, wo kann ich diesen Akku kaufen. Gruß Stefan

Stefan Maierhofer - Réponse

Vielleicht hier, kontrolliere genau!

VauWeh -

Got the battery required and managed to get the unit apart as per instructions. The battery terminal is where information is lacking a bit as how to get out, but managed this by gently levering up and out. Problem is that to reinsert the battery terminal, I can’t get a connection. Thought it may be an issue with the new battery, but tested on the multimeter and all good, also tried with the old battery and no luck. Any thoughts and tips would be very appreciated.

Hamish - Réponse

Very helpful. Thanks

Michael Schaeffer - Réponse



P'It - Réponse

Replacing battery on a Runner 2 (I think similar to Runner 3) does not require removal of vibrator. There are 6 screws. The battery can be removed by gently wiggling it loose with a thin blade. The battery has a little adhesive, so it won’t come loose by itself. Start lifting it on the opposite side from the ribbon connector (which runs from screen side to back plate). The last part of removing the battery requires wiggling the battery from left-to-right (looking into the watch with the ribbon connector away from you), because there is no room left for up-down movement. Check the shape and wire colouring of the battery connector at this point! Once loose remove the battery connector by using a small screwdriver to lift up the connector (don’t need to pull the wires or anything). It just pops out. The new battery can be connected by inserting the connector down into its socket. Push down gently. Make sure you insert it with the correct side down (the little openings on the connector should go down). HTH

ErikOnBike - Réponse

if you replace the battery is the watch still waterproof? I use my for swimming (when we can get back in the pool) and running.

Susan Wilson - Réponse

Use Q reader on the battery. (I had to photograph the Q code to make it big enough for Q reader to read!) but got code of battery and I just googled it and came up with lots of options. I’ve brought one on Ebay for around £20. Simples. TomTom Golf 2 battery code is AHB332824HPS.

Chris Coles - Réponse

I also found a nice tutorial for the change on Youtube

Michael Heiler - Réponse

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