This guide should be used if you're experiencing issues with your screen,

Common problems are that the screen is not displaying anything, or the display itself having issues such as flickering.

This process requires removal of the front casing, as well as some work with wires, and removal of a few screws.


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Shut down the computer and disconnect all cables.
  • Shut down the computer and disconnect all cables.

  • Flip the computer over so that the bottom is facing up.

  • Slide right switch above the battery so that it is in the rightwards position.

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Push and hold the left-most switch in the leftward position.
  • Push and hold the left-most switch in the leftward position.

  • While holding the left switch in position, lift up on the battery from the groove in the casing and remove.

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  • Ensure that the battery has been removed and any wires are disconnected.

  • Open to a front facing position.

  • Remove screw coverings from casing.

  • Remove the M2 5x6 mm screws that under the screw covers that you removed using a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

  • Keep screws and covers together in a pile for easier reassembly.

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  • Carefully pry the screen covering out of place to remove it and set it to the side.

  • It may be helpful to use a plastic opening tool to assist in removal of the screen cover.

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  • Remove the three M2 5x6 mm screws on each side holding the screen in place, using the Phillips #0 screwdriver.

  • Gently rest the screen on the keyboard, making sure not to damage any of the wires attached to it.

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  • Disconnect wire at the base of the screen from the laptop.

  • Be very gentle as to not damage any electrical components of the computer.

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  • Peel back adhesive from the second connection to the screen and unplug the connection.

  • Remove secondary adhesive from the screen connection at the base of the screen.

  • Be cautious when removing the tape, as it will be reused for the replacement screen, so be sure not to rip it.

  • The screen is now free to be removed from the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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