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Often a wine cooler is replaced because of a noise problem. Often a $10 fix


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    • The Cuisinart - Private Reserve 16-Bottle Wine Cellar often is replaced because the cooling fan becomes noisy.

    • The original fan has a sleeved bearing (which becomes noisy as the lubrication wears out) and you can replace this fan with a ball bearing fan for around $10

    • The replacement 12 VDC fan may have an additional wire (yellow) but it is not needed, just splice in the red and black wires to the original connector.

    • when you order a replacement fan. measure the diameter (usually 4x4) and the thickness, to make sure it fits under the rear cover.

    • To access the fan - unplug the unit. Remove the rear cover with a #2 phillips screw driver. Once the cover is off you will see the fan and it is held on by 4 small screws and nuts. The electrical connector location on the circuit board is labeled "fan". Carefully unplug the connector and remove the fan.


for around $10 you have a working wine cooler

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What direction do the fans need to blow? Into the fridge or out? I took the fans out and didn't look what way they were blowing

Steve - Réponse

You want the heat to be blown out.

Michael Williams - Réponse

Mine is a Koolatron 24 bottles dual compartments wine fridge. It is a thermoelectric model. Each compartment has two fans - one that is visible when the back is removed and the second further inside. There is a cooling module on a heat sink between the two fans. I was informed that the exterior fan must blow towards the module( drawing in room temperature air and blowing it along the “heat side” of the module) and the inside fan must blow into the fridge (drawing the cold from the “cooling side” of the module and blowing it into the fridge) Does sound correct to you?

Louis Kohn -

How do I order a brushless DC fan model #9025S and from where?

thank you,

Skip M.

Skip McDowell - Réponse

I had to order a replacement from the manufacturer in China. I Googled the name on the fan and found the site. I ordered 2 replacements as my cooler has 2 levels. $14 and free shipping, but it won’t be here for 2 months. You might try entering the fan specs on your search engine (brushless fan whatever volts, amps, size). I got some hits on that but the amperage was too high as I need 0.8 amps. Good luck.

Donna Brinkoetter - Réponse

I had to order one from the fan manufacturer in China as Electrolux did not have any replacement parts. The name was on the fan so I was able to find the company website. I had already checked some of the appliance repair sites, but they did not have a 12 v 0.8 amp. Cost $14 for 2 fans and free shipping. The downside is that it takes 2 months for delivery.

Donna Brinkoetter - Réponse

Where can I find directions for step 3 “ splice red and black wires to original connector?”

leopop10 - Réponse

Red wire to red wire , black to black. Strip back 1/2” of insulation and insert one end of the red wire using what is called a “butt splice” and crimp the splice down on that wire with a crimping tool. Do the same for the other end of the red wire and insert it into that same splice on the other end and crimp it in tight. Repeat this process for the black wires.

Michael Williams -

These same fans are commonly used in computer equipment. A local computer repair shop should have these in stock.

Steve Rhodes - Réponse

Where can I get a 2 pin connector for the fan? I lost the old fan with connector and the new fan didn’t come with one.

Jay Rudolph - Réponse

can i get the circuit board?

djantz123 - Réponse

The old fan had only black and white wires, both attached to a group of black and white wires coming from the board. The new fan I bought had only black and red wires, no white neutral wire. I attached the black to the same black and white group of wires but hesitated on the red since I know it’s a secondary power wire? I attached it to the corresponding set of wires that connected to the red wire on the board. (I noticed that in that group of red wires was also a black wire which I thought was interesting). The fan works but now whistles (high pitch) each time it powers down and only when it powers down. Any advice? (Fan was the right size and 12v dc brushless. Wine cooler is smaller capacity (6-8 bottles).

cool_beans_91 - Réponse

I don’t know. I’ve checked and cleaned both fans and grills on my cooler. The bottom one will stay at 54 degrees but the the top just flashes 54 when I try to lower it then goes back to room temperature 74. Does it sound like a faulty thermostat or control panel? I thought the fan needed relacement again but it seems to be working okay.

Roy Smith - Réponse

I have a cuisinart CWC-900 and the bigger fan is not working anymore. It is a Tonon TD9025HS and its layout is different from computer square fans.

There are only two screws and it blows to the side, not to top/bottom.

Did anyone find out where to buy a replacement?


Yang - Réponse

Amazon carries these Tonon TD9025HS  fans

Michael Williams -

This is the fan I bought but as I mentioned in my earlier comment, it whistles when it powers down. The other thing is that the wiring can be a bit confusing, especially if your original appliance was wired differently from the directions given here. But I was able to make it through the wiring and the fan is working and is successfully removing the heat from the heat sink. I know this is not the ideal fan (the whistling is loud but I have it in a room where it’s not as noticeable) but the cooler is now working where it couldn’t get past room temp before.

Wathai 9225 92mm x 25mm 12V 2Pin Dual Ball Bearing DC Brushless Cooling case Fan

cool_beans_91 - Réponse

I have a Cuisinart 16 bottle wine fridge, model CWC 1600 and the fan has stopped working, Would you have any idea what size fan I would need. Would this one work? How do I measure?

Marsha Stroup - Réponse

I have a summit SCR1841B beverage fridge.

The fan has failed (model YHWF-8015), and no one has the same unit in stock and the manufacturer in china seems to be out of business.

The fan is a 12v 80mm x 80mm x 15mm size, 2 wire (red/black) and says 12v .09amp on it. I cant seem to determine the cfm or rpm speed of the fan.

I found similar fans on amazon which i ordered and will try only its . my question is, will the slight differences be a problem?

Any thoughts?

Isaac Braca - Réponse

I have an Indel B wine refrigerator (36 bottles) , that is making a mumming sound .Probably the fan motor .Very annoying . Also , I can’t regulate the temperature ( stays a constant 45 degrees) . Any suggestions on who to call for repair . I live in Central NJ 08691 near Trenton John Bartolino (

John Bartolino - Réponse

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