The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is an easy to open phone that has an easy to remove battery. Almost reaching repairablity perfection, the phone falls short at 8 out of 10 due to its difficult to replace display.

  1. Exterior reference photos.
    • Exterior reference photos.

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  2. There are no exterior screws. The top and bottom panels of the rear case are made of plastic, but cannot be separated from the rest of the case.
    • There are no exterior screws. The top and bottom panels of the rear case are made of plastic, but cannot be separated from the rest of the case.

    • Prying the body of the phone out of the rear case is fairly straight-forward, the plastic clips holding it are flexible enough to bend without breaking, and are not too strong.

    • Fingerprint sensor cable connects the rear case to the interior of the phone, but is long enough that you can safely disconnect it without damaging it.

    remove sim card tray first.

    NEM0 on PC - Réponse

    Not removing them broke the plastic clips - should’ve read your comment 1st - and it should be on the explanation as well! :P

    Demetrio Ruivo - Réponse

    • Fingerprint sensor is the only component left in the rear case.

    • Fairly easy to remove by pushing through the back of the case.

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    • Battery pull strips are awesome for easy battery removal.

    • Battery removed.

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    • First layer of removable components includes: loudspeaker assembly, antenna, buttons, vibrator bracket, front- and rear-facing cameras.

    • Next out: interconnect cable and antenna interconnect.

    • Next out, daughterboard with charging port.

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    • Motherboard removal, the only component removed from the motherboard is a rubber duct for the microphone.

      • The main board is pretty minimal, but the headphone jack is soldered on, making jack replacements expensive.

    • Final components off of the display assembly are the vibrator and earpiece speaker.

    • The fused, midframe-mounted display assembly is last out, making fixing a broken screen a more expensive and time consuming repair.

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    • The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 earns an 8 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

      • Despite no external screws, the rear case is fairly easy to remove.

      • Battery is easy to access and remove.

      • Modular design with charging port on its own daughterboard means many components can be independently replaced.

      • Display assembly is a single fused component, that requires disassembling the entire phone to replace.

      • Manufacturer does not provide user-accessible repair documentation.

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Thanks for this guide. Almost Identical to a Galaxy Note 3 screen replacement. A lot easier than I though it would be.

Clems - Réponse

Thank you so much for posting this teardown!

My Redmi Note 3 Pro developed a charging problem, and this post gave me the basics I needed to replace the usb daughterboard.

The phone was acting weird... When plugged in to a charger, the led indicator did not light up. I tried 7 different chargers and cables including 0.5, 1 and 2amp units. What was strange was that when it was plugged into a dual or quad port charger, any other devices stopped charging immediately. Those with led indicators switched off when it was plugged in.

I hoped it was a short circuit or fault in the usb port, which I learned here was replaceable. So I ordered the part on eBay and replaced it myself at home. All up it cost me $11 to fix my phone, and it is now working as normal again.

I'd like to add that one of the screws holding the speaker assembly is hidden under a tiny sticker, and the assembly and usb daughterboard are both also held in place by glue or double sided tape. Lift carefully and they come off quite easily.

Carl Cook - Réponse

I have a problem with my xiaomi redmi 3 pro, first, my wifi and my bluetooth can't activated, then now my device can't read my SIM card.. What should i do?:(

Vincent Theo - Réponse

Hey,I was replacing my charging port and forgot to remove the sd card/sim card slot before opening the case.

I didnt open it all the way,but now my sd card wont load and not just the one I had in when it happened,but any I put in.

What can I do?

please respond

blackdevilonline - Réponse

So the screen is fused with the mid-frame/front panel? The clips that hold my back panel on have broken (dont know how as I’ve never taken the back off) so was hoping to simply replace that element of the frame. But if I’m reading this right, it’s actually fused with the screen and I can’t replace only the front/mid frame?

Beau - Réponse

Redmi2 my phone problem is in ringtone not change

keturaj suthar - Réponse

Hi, i had a problem with my Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro, after replacement of the battery the speaker/loudspeaker dies, no sound in nothing (ringtone, music…). I start to replece the speaker but nothing, after i remove the battery again i take a look and it seems that a Flex cable is damaged (image in step 7, the Flex cable in the right side). The problem is that i can't find where to buy it. Can you help me with that?

Many thanks.

Pedro Serra - Réponse

I have a problem with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, my wifi and my bluetooth don’t activate...

What should i do? :(

The Store i bought don’t want to repair even in Warranty, so don’t buy on PowerPlanet, they run from repairs…

hed190 - Réponse

Patrón. Cómoborrar

Luis Vaquez - Réponse

Retirar el patron

Luis Vaquez - Réponse

my redmi note 3 pro no longer recharged after a short circuit of the charger. I tried to replace the USB port with the utmost care and attention, but the phone does not recharge anyway. What else could have burned? And to replace the battery or something on the motherboard that makes it impossible to repair? Mario Frianu

Kit Carson - Réponse

Thank you so much for such kinds of information.

I got everything here what I needed to know, except one thing that is most important to me is repairing guidance,please post at least one about a more ICs having phone repairing and especially network section

Athar - Réponse

What is the spare part to receive the signal from the sim card?

mariasavarese - Réponse

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