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ian mdx

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How much is a screen replacement? My kids recently cracked the screens on their tablets

Leslie Alt - Réponse

Any idea if there is a difference between asus zenbook 10 series z300 and z301 when it comes to the touchscreen?

I cannot seem to find a replacement touchscreen/digitizer for the z301 series. The ones I find are for z300c, z300m, z300cnl etc etc and I’m not sure if they will work as a replacement on a z301 (model p028).

John Frings - Réponse


Have you got an answer and a solution to solve your replacement of screen of your p028 model?


vador jean claude -

i have this model and did a full lcd replacement. however the touch is not functioning correctly, up and down does left and right and left and right does up and down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (ive made sure the model number was correct and the parts ordered were correct.

Louis Phelps - Réponse

where can I buy the screen? i’d rather find a EU seller


Marsala - Réponse

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