Directions for opening bObi and removing the touch sensor strip under the bumper pads. For help closing bObi, see Closing bObi's Cover Post-Repair


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Remove bObi’s front wheel to access one of the screws holding bObi together.
  • Remove bObi’s front wheel to access one of the screws holding bObi together.

  • Make sure the wheel is turned closer to bObi's front touch sensors. Use your screwdriver for leverage, and the wheel will pop up and out.

  • Uninstall the larger screw that sits deeper in the wheel compartment.

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Remove bObi's dustbin.
  • Remove bObi's dustbin.

  • Uninstall the 2 screws close to the bin and 2 smaller screws above her main brushes.

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  • Lift the brush holder. To detach completely, unplug it from bObi.

  • Remove the two screws on the dustbin contact point holder inside bObi.

  • There are 4 screws beneath the main brushes. Uninstall these, and open bObi up to expose her main circuit board.

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  • Detach the two circuit plugs connecting bObi's cover to the main board and the cover will be completely removed.

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  • The sensor strips underneath bObi's 80 exterior touch sensors are attached to the cover circuit board by two wires, one red one white.

  • The circuit plug on the left communicates with bObi's right half of touch sensors.

  • The plug on the right controls bObi's left half of touch sensors.

  • Remove the appropriate touch sensor's circuit plug from the cover's circuit board.

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  • Feed both wires towards the end of the bumper.

  • Continue along the inside edge of the bumper until the wires are unhooked from each holder.

  • Then, pull both out from the post at the bumper's edge.

  • Pull each wire to the side to disconnect it from the touch sensor adapter.

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  • Plug in the white wire to the bottom touch strip connector, and the red one on top.

  • Tuck the wires behind the white post at the end of the bumper. Then, feed them back through the hooks.

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  • Firmly press the circuit plug for the replacement sensor in to the open space.

  • To put bObi back together, follow the steps in the reassembly guide: Closing bObi's Cover Post-Repair

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For instructions on how to reassemble bObi's cover, check out the guide Closing bObi's Cover Post-Repair


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