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Modifications apportées à l’3DR Iris Plus Quadcopter Battery Connector Replacementintroduction

Modifié par Justin Ogihara

Modification approuvée par Justin Ogihara

This guide requires knowledge on splicing wires together either through soldering or crimping connectors. Fixers have the option of de-soldering the entire wire harness from the internal PDP/ESC board. If you desire to solder directly on the board, this guide will help you identify and locate the battery connector harness, but will only instruct a wire splice on the existing harness to remove the risk of damage to the main board.
For more information on soldering and desoldering connections, please visit the [|How to Solder and Desolder Connections] guide.
Time Required Min
8 minutes
25 minutes
Time Required Max
15 minutes
30 minutes


  • 3mm Hex Key x1 added.
  • 2mm Hex Key x1 added.
  • 64 Bit Driver Kit x1 removed.


  • In Progress removed.
  • Student In Progress removed.