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Modifications apportées à l’1989-1995 Toyota SR5 Pickup Fuel Return Line Replacementintroduction

Modifié par Oliver Myers

Modification approuvée par Oliver Myers

Toyota Pickups manufactured with the 3VZE engine have a fuel pressure regulator located very close to the engine block. It has a rubber hose that makes a 90 degree corner, and high pressure fuel along with high heat due to its proximity to the block causes fairly regular failure of the rubber line. If fuel can be smelled through the A/C vents, chances are high the rubber line is cracked or otherwise leaking fuel.
Block heat from the 3VZE engine causes the fuel return line to fail regularly. This guide will demonstrate the replacement of thisthe pressure regulator fuel return line.


  • Hose cutter x1 added.
  • 1/4" Fuel Line Hose x1 added.