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Modifications apportées à l'étape #11

Modifié par Andrew Bookholt

Validation en attente


Lignes de l'étape

-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* icon_caution] The clutch cover is constructed from aluminum and is held on to the clutch hinges with metal clips that require a good deal of force to remove. Proceed with caution.
+[* black] Use your thumbs to push the clutch cover away from the clutch hinges.
+[* black] While pressing with your thumbs, rotate the clutch cover toward yourself about its long edge to pop it off the clutch hinge.
+[* icon_note] It may be necessary to wiggle the clutch cover while pressing it away from the clutch hinges to release the retaining clips.
+[* black] Repeat this process for the other side of the clutch cover. Once the clutch cover is completely free from the clutch hinges, lift it off the front display bezel.

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