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+[title] Make sure you have required materials
+[* black] You will need a couple of decent sized USB sticks. I used 16gb sandisk cruzer sticks. One for your desired live lubuntu image and one for taking a backup of your original chromeos supporting image. The second one is optional since you only need that if you ever want to go back to your unsupported chromeos image.
+[* black] I did it just in case I bricked my laptop. Turned out to be unnecessary since the script worked perfectly. You can probably skip taking the chromeos flash backup since it probably won't be needed for yours either.
+[* black] Download amd64 lubuntu LTS image or whatever flavor you desire of linux. Burn it on one of your USB sticks with software suitable for creating bootable USB sticks.
+[* black] Note that you may need a second computer to perform the above step. I was able to do it with my crouton chroot on my existing Pavilion chromebook.
+[* black] You are now ready to "unscroogle" your chromebook. Remember those silly ads? I actually loved my chromebook for five very productive years. If it was not unsupported, I would continue to use as is too.

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