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Modifications apportées à l'étape #9

Modifié par David Hodson

Modification approuvée par David Hodson


Lignes de l'étape

-[* black] Cute little battery pull-tab is entirely ineffective. SPUDGER!
+[* black] There's an adorable plastic pull tab underneath the battery that appears to be meant to be used as a battery removal tab.
+[* icon_note] Our uncertainty is due to the fact that the adhesive holding the battery down is much too strong for the feeble pull tab to break through.
+[* black] After some diligent spudgering, we're able to pry the 3.7 V, 0.8 Wh, 220 mAh battery off the back of the display.
+[* black] 0.8 watt-hours is more than twice the iPod Nano 6th Generation's 0.39 watt-hour rating. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll get double the battery device, though, since this new model has a much larger screen to take care of.