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Modifications apportées à l'étape #4

Modifié par Jake Devincenzi

Modification approuvée par Jake Devincenzi


Lignes de l'étape

[* black] With only light adhesive holding the base motherboard to its case, it doesn't take us long to pull it out for a closer look.
[* black] We rarely see circular circuit boards. It's quite refreshing and alliterates nicely.
[* black] The base motherboard is equipped with a surprising amount of hardware for an auxiliary board:
[* red] ST Microelectronics [link||STM32L151VB|new_window=true] ultra-low-power 32 MHz ARM Cortex-M3 MCU
[* orange] Sensirion [|SHT20|new_window=true] humidity and temperature sensor
[* yellow] Texas Instruments [link||LW051A|new_window=true] 8-channel CMOS analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
[* black] The circular designs makes us slightly nostalgic as we recall [guide|595|teardowns past|new_window=true] and [,14299/|teardowns future|new_window=true]