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Modifications apportées à l'étape #1

Modifié par Paul

Modification approuvée par Paul


Lignes de l'étape

[* black] No Internal light
[* black] The lamp has been replaced but still not working. The next thing to do is check out the lamp socket terminals as these went high resistance on my unit, replacing the push on connectors was easy. The connectors are the type used on cars and I had some handy. Re-testing still not on light.
[* black] Tracing the lead wires back to the control pcb I noticed the small relay (Omron pcb relay GQ5 1A) looked bad and this only applied a neutral return.
[* black] Pulling the relay should more blacken marks. So the relay was replaced. Radio Spares part. xxx-xxxx Success now the light was on again.
[* black] Moving on to the lower oven with no display or function buttons working. Checking the output from the small 12v 5VA transformer was zero. 240V AC input was there. A slight bulge on the top of the transformer confirmed it was also coming out. Resistance on the primary showed o/c windings.
[* black] A new replacement from Farnnell was fitted. Part number xxx-xxxx