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Modifications apportées à l'étape #12

Modifié par Nick

Modification approuvée par Nick


Lignes de l'étape

[* black] As you keep that plate lifted up, maneuver the shield covering the power suppy and control boards up. After you have this removed, identify the power supply.
[* black] After you identify the bad capacitor, '''make sure you get the right one, or the capacitor will explode when the monitor is turned on'''.
[* icon_note] You can go up in voltage and uF ratings as much as you can, but the new capacitors have to fit in place where the old capacitor is. '''You can not go under on uF or voltage, or the capacitor will explode.'''
[* icon_note] For a full recap, you need the following capacitors: 2x 25V 1000uF capacitors, 1x 10V 1000uF capacitor, 2x 25V 220uF capacitors if you intend to match the factory specified capacitors. Double these as you please if you decide to, '''but the capacitors have to exceed the ratings of the old ones and can not be replaced with lower value capacitors'''
[* icon_caution] '''If any of the capacitors have bulged, they may still have a charge-handle the power supply with extreme caution if any capacitors are bulged!'''