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Modifications apportées à l'étape #4

Modifié par Arthur Shi

Modification approuvée par Arthur Shi


Lignes de l'étape

[* icon_caution] '''Caution:''' Be careful not to touch the capacitor wires as you work. If possible, use a [guide|2177|capacitor discharge probe|new_window=true] to safely rid the capacitors of dangerous charges.
[* black] Place the camera facing with the lens down. Grab the black capacitor and gently remove the assembly from the holder.
[* black] Locate the ribbon cable connecting the capacitor to the top of the camera. Grasp the ribbon cable with your fingers, and gently pull outwards.
[* icon_note] Note: You may need to gently wiggle the connector back and forth to work it out. Do not use much force to pull the cable out. If it is too difficult to remove, use the plastic pry tool to pull the connector by the tabs on the side.
[* black] Now the flash capacitor assembly is disconnected from the camera and can be removed.