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-[* black] While we were able to remove several of the screws around the perimeter of the midframe, we are saddened by the fact that this did absolutely nothing to advance our teardown.
-[* black] Our only option was to infiltrate the Galaxy Alpha thru the front panel assembly. We turn to our trusty iOpener for aid.
+[* black] How to get inside the Galaxy Alpha (or the Galaxy S5) in two easy steps:
+ [* black] Step 1: Remove screws from the back of the midframe.
+ [* black] Step 2: Cry about how it did nothing, and go get your [|iOpener|new_window=true].
+[* black] On the Galaxy S5, we saw Samsung move to a midframe sandwich design—two halves of an internal frame surround the logic board. The frame can only be opened after removing the display assembly from.
+[* black] This design stuck around, but has been revised to move the screws to the rear frame; in the S5, they were all [guide|27075|beneath the display assembly|stepid=66757].
+ [* black] We assumed this new design was necessary to waterproof the S5—so why has it stuck around in the hydrophobic Alpha?