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Modifications apportées à l'étape #12

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Lignes de l'étape

[* black] Removing the display presented us with the first stumbling block in our disassembly. A heat gun made quick work of the front case assembly, though.
[* black] To loosen the adhesive backing of the display assembly, direct a heat gun or blow dryer on the back side of the display assembly, towards the middle and bottom where the home, and back buttons are.
[* black] Looking at the display assembly from the back, you can see that the digitizer bonds to the display frame at the middle of the phone. This is where most of the adhesive you want to loosen is.
[* black] At the bottom of the phone, the display attaches to four hollow square shaped pressure pads which rest between the display glass button icons and the keypad board. You'll want to loosen this adhesive as well, but there isn't as much here.
[* black] Near the top of the phone, the phone speaker grate is also adhered to the display frame. Keep the heat off of this unless you specifically want to move the grate.