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Modifications apportées à l'étape #20

Modifié par Jeff Suovanen

Modification approuvée par Jeff Suovanen


Lignes de l'étape

[* black] A7R II Repairability Score: ***4 out of 10*** (10 is easiest to repair).
[* green] The battery can be easily replaced without tools.
[* green] The tripod mount and viewfinder can be replaced without disassembling the camera body.
[* yellow] While very difficult, the rear LCD panel can also be removed without disassembling the camera body.
[* red] Accessing anything inside the camera requires removing the complex rear LCD panel first.
[* red] Internal components are very intricately organized; repair without a service manual would be very difficult.
+[* black] Lastly, a hearty shout-out to our friends at [|Creative Electron|new_window=true] for their X-ray imaging wizardry. Thanks guys!

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