Increase your iMac's multitasking ability by adding RAM, allowing more programs to run at the same time. Speed is negligibly affected.

  1. Lay the iMac display-side down on a flat surface.
    • Lay the iMac display-side down on a flat surface.

    • Loosen the three Phillips screws securing the rear panel to the iMac.

    • These screws are captive in the iMac. The center screw will stop turning after about 3.5 turns and the outer screws will stop turning after about 5.5 turns. Do not try to remove these screws from your iMac.

    My iMac has only ONE catch, the central one, so the two outer screws are not to be touched.

    In fact, I tried so hard to unscrew them, with a good screwdriver, that my hand hurt. Knowing that some times captive things (like these screws or a faucet) can be already at the end of their travel and we only lock them further into that position, I tried both screwing and unscrewing to no avail.

    paulfrancoeur - Réponse

    That chick MJ is sexy!!!!!

    djmadcracker - Réponse

    Looks like one of these screws is not like the others... a security Philips?! Never seen one of those before.

    Terry Mullane - Réponse

    Please Note: If your iMac has an antenna for the airport extreme and not the bluetooth card. Don't buy the bluetooth get the airport extreme instead. Also, some newer devices may not work with these units.

    James Janota - Réponse

    Just want to say thank you to ifixit! You guys are amazing and so helpful! This was so easy to do and I ordered the part I needed as well! We are up and running over here and my 7 year old son could not be any happier! Thank you!

    mary nicolazzo - Réponse

  2. Lift the rear panel slightly from the bottom edge of the iMac.
    • Lift the rear panel slightly from the bottom edge of the iMac.

    • Pull the rear panel toward yourself and remove it from the iMac.

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    • Rotate each of the two RAM retaining arms away from the RAM chip.

    • Pull the RAM chip straight away from its socket.

    • Repeat this process for the other RAM chip.

    • Be sure the RAM arms are fully rotated away from the RAM socket before reinstalling any RAM chips.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Way too easy. Doubled my RAM in 5 minutes. Computer runs like new again.

Darren Fox - Réponse

Can i get 6 or 8 gigs ram?

frederikchalmer - Réponse

Do both the ram slots have to have ram in them

Gary Wayne - Réponse

When I cut it on the Apple pops up then a colored screen comes up with horizontal lines

Gary Wayne - Réponse

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