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This video will show you how to fix iPhone 6 Plus touch issue and screen flicker problem.

In this video I'll show you how to repair the touch not working issue, as well as the screen flickering problem. Is it the screen no touch problem cause by defect screen? I’ve changed a new screen but why does the phone still not touch? There’s no response, the iPhone 6 Plus seems like a phone model you can see the icons but you can’t touch it. These kind of problem may caused by Touch IC damage. This repair guide will show you how to fix it.


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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Marty Smith - Réponse


my iPhone 6 Plus touch IC is not working and I’m looking for that particular part in my town (Hyderabad-India) but unable to find it

kindly suggest me where else I can find the past because here I could not find the technicians who can fix it

thanks & Regards

Mohammed Ali - Réponse


You can find on Ebay, AliExpress, ...

a greeting

Raphael SANCHEZ -

I wnat to repair iphone 6 plus touch ic problem ?so plz help me where are you from and your contect please

Waqar - Réponse

This is one of the finest walk-through videos I have ever seen. I have watched quite a few youtube videos on repairs and used this site for a while now and I just want to commend you and thank you for taking the time to painstakingly and expertly microsolder this repair with details. Thanks!!

Scodyiii - Réponse

i want ic of iphone 6 plus is some one having i want it at any cost

areesha - Réponse

My iphone 6plus has hone repair from its touch issue, but since then the phone gets hot every time i insert SIM card and and no signal.

Is this still repairable?


rikhu_yamp - Réponse

My iPhone 6 + have a problem of touch ic where are you your contacts please

amynop - Réponse

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