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iPhone 7 Logic Board Repair Guide

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    بسیار خوب و موثر است

    Reza panahiyan - Réponse

    Finde ich großartige Hilfe um sich zurechtzufinden.

    Nur ein Teil ist für mich unklar. Der Lade IC befindet sich genau da wo auf dem Bild “Sync IC” steht. Wenigstens auf vielen Reparatur Videos war das so aber hier ist es anders. Liegt es womöglich ein Fehler vor?

    Janusz Bukowski - Réponse

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Could anyone tell me why, after a screen repair, and iPhone 7 front and rear cameras only display a black screen? Also, the flashlight doesn't work.

Ken Thompson - Réponse

I don't know. I would like to know this as well. I have even reset all the software just in case. Did you get your answer?

Therin Whitten -

how to check blown caps?

i think multi meter wont work cuz high voltage or current .

Agent 47 - Réponse

My phone is not open erese mode plz help me

nadeem - Réponse

After a screen replacement, baklight is gone, not working. Do you have some solution for repair this, do you have a service manual for iPhone 7 A1778 ?

Artur Aho - Réponse

Hi, check your back light filter to see if its blown, if you replaced the screen what can happen is if the battery is attached it will send a spike through the system and blow the filter, if so just replace it

smcintosh -

The second photo is cut off on the sides and doesn’t show the full text.

anonymous - Réponse

iphone 7 no signal and give searching only?

jamal - Réponse

Just recently replaced a part where the antenna broke away from it's soldered mounting, check your mounts.

Juergen Nittner -

A1778 no sound, no screen but if I call it it vibrates, does not connect to iTunes but will boot in safe mode. Any thoughts?

Peter Karamitsos - Réponse

Power IC on my iphone 7 is printed as 338S00225 A-1 1638PHAX but I coundn’t find ICs with the same serial number online. Is it possible to use power IC for iphone 7 with a different serial number like 338S00225 A-1 1644PHAW ?

Safi Mirza - Réponse

Hello, on a charged battery the iphone works and on supply power too, which component or ic must be tested?

meskini Imad - Réponse

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