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Étape 6
Remove the battery from the iPhone.
Remove the battery
  • Remove the battery from the iPhone.

  • If your replacement battery came in a plastic sleeve, slide off and remove the sleeve before installation.

  • If there's any alcohol solution remaining in the phone, carefully wipe it off or allow it to air dry before installing your new battery.

  • If your new battery doesn’t have adhesive preinstalled, refer to this guide to replace the adhesive strips.

  • Perform a force restart after reassembly. This can prevent several issues and simplify troubleshooting.

  • Before you adhere the replacement battery, temporarily reconnect the battery connector to the logic board socket. This ensures that the battery is properly aligned in its recess.

  • Adhere the battery, disconnect it, and continue reassembling your device.

从 iPhone 中取出电池




重新安装后执行强制重启。 这可以防止多个问题并简化故障排除。

在你将新电池粘贴到 iPhone 上之前,暂时把它连接到主板上一会。这能够保证你的电池安装位置完全正确。

把电池粘贴到 iPhone 上,断开连接,然后继续安装你的设备。

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