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iMac 因特尔 27" EMC 2546 硬盘更换

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iMac 因特尔 27寸 EMC 2546显示屏替换

iMac Intel Speaker Displacement for HDD Guides

iMac Intel 27" EMC 2546 硬盘支架

iMac 2012-2017 SSD Replacement

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    Follow this guide to replace the hard drive for your iMac. Replacing the hard drive requires separating the display and removingmoving the left speaker.

    This guide also includes steps to upgrade your iMac's hard drive with an SSD. It describes how to install the SSD's temperature sensor so that the Mac's fans will operate at the correct speed.
    '''Before beginning any work on your iMac:''' Unplug the computer and press and hold the power button for ten seconds to discharge the power supply's capacitors.
    '''Be very careful''' not to touch the capacitor leads or any exposed solder joints on the back of the power supply.
      To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse and use our [guide|15624136011|Adhesive Strips Guide|new_window=true] to reattach the display glass.

      Take your e-waste to an [[E-Waste|R2 or e-Stewards certified recycler|new_window=true]].

      Repair didn’t go as planned? Try some [[Troubleshooting Problems After a Repair|basic troubleshooting]], or ask our [|Answers community] for help.

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