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Traduction de l’étape 6

Étape 6
Remove the following screws from the logic board:
  • Remove the following screws from the logic board:

  • One 2.4 mm Phillips #000 screw

  • This screw also holds a small metal contact beneath the logic board. It's held in place underneath a plastic bracket, but if you see it slipping out, refer to this step to remove it.

  • Two 2.3 mm Phillips #000 screws

  • Four 2.8 mm standoff screws

  • Standoff screws are best removed using an iPhone Standoff Screwdriver Bit and driver handle.

  • In a pinch, a small flathead screwdriver will do the job—but use extra caution to ensure it doesn't slip and damage surrounding components.


2.4 mm #000プラスネジー1本


2.3 mm #000プラスネジー2本

2.8 mmスタンドオフネジー4本



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