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Traduction de l’étape 31

Étape 31
As always, the final layout shot.
  • As always, the final layout shot.

  • Here's the weight breakdown: Aluminum back: 138 grams, Battery: 148 grams, LCD: 153 grams, Glass (and frame): 193 grams, Speaker: 17 grams, Main board: 21 grams, Everything else: 27 grams

  • Total: 697 grams (that's more than the .68 kg Apple quotes, has anyone else weighed their complete iPad?)

  • This iPad may be apart, but we'll continue to dig deeper into its chips. Follow @ifixit for the latest updates!


以下是重量分类:铝背:138克,电池:148克,LCD: 153克,玻璃(和框架):193克,扬声器:17克,主板:21克,其他所有:27克。



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